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Aston Martin gets funding for new lineup, big announcements expected in Geneva
Ignoring the Cygnet, Aston makes beautiful cars. They need a high volume model in order to stay afloat. I highly doubt the Aston crossover will be ugly and if it keeps the Vanquish and the Vantages alive, I'm all for it. The Cayenne saved Porsche from financial ruin.
Jan 28th, 2015 4:31am
Mitsubishi's plan to get a rebadged Renault-Nissan mid-size sedan suspended
Its like they've given up. They need to revamp the entire lineup.
Jan 26th, 2015 5:20pm
Mitsubishi's plan to get a rebadged Renault-Nissan mid-size sedan suspended
Screw rebadging a bland sedan, rebadge a Megane and call it the eclipse. Lets hope the new Montero is good.
Jan 26th, 2015 5:18pm
Acura NSX and Ford GT rendered without their roofs
Honda, build it just like that!
Jan 14th, 2015 4:54pm
BMW says X3 M & X4 M could happen, all-wheel drive M models planned, no M version of i8
BMW, please for the love of god give us an M3 Wagon/Touring.
Jan 14th, 2015 8:15am
Ferrari FF mid-cycle facelift coming in 2016 – report
The FF has grown on me. I remember first seeing a picture of it and going "Ew". Then I saw it in person and I had a change of heart. If I were in the market for a Ferrari, I would seriously consider an FF.
Jan 12th, 2015 5:37am
Honda S660 specifications revealed in new brochure leak
Shoehorn a K20 into this puppy and you'll have pure gold Honda. PLEASE!!!!!
Jan 5th, 2015 4:57am
Cadillac CTS-V Wagon gets rendered
To be honest, the CTS-V wagon isn't going to happen. The US is the largest market for the CTS and americans aren't buying wagons in large enough numbers (the dreaded cross over is to blame), let alone $75K+ wagons to warrant Caddy building a CTS wagon let alone a CTS-V wagon. The ATS and ATS-V wagon seems more plausible. Its sad because I like wagons, especially fast ones. Nothing makes me happier than a fast wagon with a manual transmission.
Jan 3rd, 2015 2:09am
1 of 1 Mansory La Revoluzione spotted in Dubai [video]
1 of 1...lets hope it stays that way.
Dec 27th, 2014 4:42am
Production Alfa Romeo 4C Spider spied completely undisguised
Aaaaand its coming to america!!!!!! (Yellow side markers and rear bumpers are dead giveaways)
Dec 20th, 2014 11:14pm
Lexus teases a new F model for Detroit
I think I like it. This may be the first of the crazy spindle grilled Lexus' that I like
Dec 18th, 2014 7:14am
Acura announced an NSX successor nearly 9.5 years ago
They really didn't have a choice. With the uncertainty of the financial market and high gas prices, they weren't sure if they'd even have a market for such a car. Also, Honda was focusing on more fuel efficient alternatives at the time and a 500+hp, AWD supercar did not fit that mold. With all that being said, the new NSX will be amazing. When they try, honda makes a damn good sports car. S2000, previous NSX, Integra type R, etc.
Dec 4th, 2014 3:57am
Ferrari FXX K officially revealed, has 1050 PS
I just LaCrapped my LaPants! For some reason I'm digging the headlight and tail light arrangement. Too bad they'd never be road legal, I prefer them to the ones on the roadcar.
Dec 4th, 2014 12:03am
Mercedes-AMG C63 won't get optional all-wheel drive system, at least for now
Is america getting the wagon?
Nov 25th, 2014 12:16am
MTM unleashes Audi S8 Talladega with 760 HP
I'm not usually a fan of crazy tuning jobs, I actually like this. The front end is aggressive but tasteful. The right amount of madness with being ostentatious.
Nov 24th, 2014 8:15pm
Mercedes-Maybach S-Class officially unveiled at Los Angeles Auto Show
https://cozymag.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/tumblr_ne8ay5g3eg1sbks83o1_500.jpg Pear tested, pear approved
Nov 19th, 2014 5:48pm
Upcoming Toyota sports car could cost more than the Corvette
In 1998 the Supra cost about $40K...in todays money, thats about $54K...so $55-60K seems about right.
Nov 12th, 2014 1:49am
Mitsubishi preparing compact and mid-size sedans based on Renault-Nissan products
Here's what you do Mitsu, take a Renault Megane RS, slap a mitsu badge on it, call it the Eclipse GSR and you will have a hit on your hands.
Nov 10th, 2014 3:38am
2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat to cost $63,995
MURICA!!! http://i1.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/011/859/merica.jpg
Oct 18th, 2014 5:05am
691 bhp Tesla Model S P85D unveiled with all-wheel drive and 3.2s 0-60 mph sprint [video]
Its an American car, if it has 4 doors and it isn't a wagon, we call it a sedan.
Oct 10th, 2014 2:27pm
2015 Ford Mondeo receives virtual ST treatment
Ditch the central exhaust and go for quad-tips.
Oct 6th, 2014 8:09pm
Lexus GS F spied undergoing testing near and on the Nurburgring
It might not be faster than the E63 or M5 its supposed to compete against, and it may not handle as well, but one thing is certain is that it will be the most reliable thing in its class. You can't beat Japanese reliability. Not to mention the sound that naturally aspirated lump of a V8 is going to make.
Oct 6th, 2014 7:01am
All-new Mazda MX-5 Miata celebrates world public debut in Paris
No, here in the USA we aren't taxed based on displacement, carbon output, and gas is A LOT cheaper. Long story, cheap gas=no real incentive for smaller engines. short Fun fact, America is only the 8th fattest country in the world.
Oct 2nd, 2014 7:32pm
Lamborghini Asterion leaked?
Lambo...WHERE THE HELL IS THE ESTOQUE? Its been how many years?
Sep 26th, 2014 7:02pm
Rolls-Royce Phantom successor test mule spied with heavily camouflaged interior
I'm predicting something along the lines of a larger ghost.
Sep 15th, 2014 8:29pm
Mercedes-AMG GT looks sexy in black
This just happened. http://i.giphy.com/LCzu6leGqisYU.gif
Sep 11th, 2014 7:34pm
BMW M5 pumped up to 675 bhp by Dinan
Dinan is one of my favorite BMW/Mini tuners. They work on whats important, performance. No gaudy bodykits, no tacky paint jobs/wraps. Just good clean performance, maybe a simple front splitter, rims, and a simple lip spoiler. Plus, they offer warrantees that match the BMW warrantee and mods can be dealer installed.
Aug 28th, 2014 5:49am
Cadillac flagship to offer individual reclining rear seats
V12 isn't going to happen. I can tell you that much. Maybe a hybridized V8 to compete with the S600 but no V12.
Aug 27th, 2014 12:51am
Cadillac flagship to offer individual reclining rear seats
GM is on a roll. The ATS is great, the CTS is great, and this will be great. To anyone saying "Who would pay $70K+ for an American car?" The Escalade costs upwards of $70K and they sell quite well.
Aug 27th, 2014 12:50am
Volvo considering V40 & XC60 Polestar variants - report
That might be crazy enough to actually be brilliant. Base it off of the XC90 T8, I say it should have between 420 and 450 hp, maybe 475. It'll be something if the fastest hybrid SUV in the world comes from Volvo. I'll take one in Swedish racing green.
Aug 23rd, 2014 12:20am
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