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June 9, 2008
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Very rare Bugatti EB112 prototype spotted in Monaco
It was 1993, back then Bugatti Also Owned Lotus, it may look ugly, but a have 5 words to you, 12 Cylinder Engine, Manual Transmission... do i need to say more? the engine was the same quad turbo from the EB110, and the same transmission, at the time, the fastest saloon was the mercedes E500... http...
June 29, 2015
Alfa Romeo Giulia leaks out early
my thougts exactly...
June 23, 2015
2016 MINI Clubman teased prior to Frankfurt debut
it's more than 4 meters long, it's too big and too fat to be called "Mini" this is so wrong...
June 18, 2015
Top Gear could be hosted by different presenter every episode
Mna, this is so wrong, they should rename the show to "Flop Gear"... they are not tryng to be creative, they are desperate... should the BBC make a new motoring show? absolutely, should they name it top gear? i think not, the program set the bar really really high, and the producer, and the boys wh...
June 3, 2015
Toyota thanks Jeremy Clarkson in tribute video
And the toyboata?
March 27, 2015
Mysterious new Renaultsport model announced for Geneva
It Will be Sandero Renault Sport, for emerging markets...
February 16, 2015
First Porsche Macan crash comes from Poland
At least the Macan driver got out before it catches fire... :)
May 2, 2014
Volkswagen NMC concept going into production, will arrive in 2016 - report
This is the new passat, Jetta is the NCS passat is the NMS... jetta is compact size, passat is mid size, phaeton is full size...
April 22, 2014
Mitsubishi Evo successor to be a crossover - report
April 11, 2014
Microsoft shows off their Windows in the Car infotainment system [video]
and the windows media player won't play wma files or ipod because of the DRM
April 7, 2014
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