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February 13, 2008
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2016 Chevrolet Camaro goes official with 455 bhp SS version
C-pillar styling is excessive. Wrap around glass rear window from '73-81 might have worked. I'll have to see it in person.
May 18, 2015
Mercedes-Benz's Audi TT competitor rendered
Very nice Theo.
May 16, 2015
Range Rover Stormer rendered as an entry-level model
What was the Honda CRV Land Rover they sold nearly fifteen years ago?
May 3, 2015
Tesla Model X spotted wearing minimal camouflage [video]
I had ambivalence about it from the photos; but when I saw a lightly camo'd prototype in the flesh, I liked it a lot.
March 24, 2015
Tesla Model S Convertible listed on eBay for $125,000
It looks a long way from being a finished product. Show us the finished project and not the butchery in progress. It's like trying to sell a steak dinner with a film from the slaughterhouse. The Model S could make a nice coupe variant though.
March 19, 2015
2016 Mazda MX-5 US-spec weighs 2,332 lbs
It's the best selling two seat roadster in history, quickly closing in on a million units. Yes, it's no Boxster S, but it's half the price. Few cars handle as well.
March 13, 2015
Mercedes-Benz SLC render shows very possible design
"Very possible"? Not as a facelift.
March 10, 2015
Ford Focus RS leaked with all-wheel drive setup
It seems to fit between the mitsu's styling excesses and the Golf R's subdued touches as well. Hatch spoiler delete? Alternative grill?
February 3, 2015
Industry experts surprised by Volkswagen's stubbornness to keep the Phaeton alive
They did this when Mercedes was introducing the A and B class cars to take bite out of Golf sales. I always liked the reverse snobbery of the Phaeton, but I've never been a sedan buyer.
January 30, 2015
Mercedes GLC & GLC Coupe rendered
While the first few curvacious sport-cutes were interesting, now they all look very similar. It's sort of like the 90s when automakers began using wing tunnels, and everything began to look like a jelly bean.
January 27, 2015
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