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July 3, 2008
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Opel Corsa OPC teased, debuts in Geneva [video]
Opel CEO Karl? They named the car under his name?
January 29, 2015
Meet the man who owns the hottest supercar trio: LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder
There are a couple of rich boys in China who have all the three car as well. This is one of them. http://www.wokeji.com/tupian/jrtj/201412/W020141209564298147347.jpg
January 29, 2015
Industry experts surprised by Volkswagen's stubbornness to keep the Phaeton alive
Btw, VW's 5 series competitor is coming in the near future (http://www.worldcarfans.com/114120885583/volkswagen-reportedly-developing-a-bmw-5-series-competitor) More China-exclusive VW models are on their way as well.
January 29, 2015
Industry experts surprised by Volkswagen's stubbornness to keep the Phaeton alive
Phaeton sales in China climbed over 2600% (26 times) from 2004 to 2011. Since 2011 VW has never revealed Phaeton's sales figure in China but obviously it has climbed another few times. I used to live in a medium-sized city in eastern China. It wasn't too hard to find two Phaetons parked side-by-side...
January 29, 2015
AM General to begin building the Mercedes R-Class
It sells pretty well in China actually. Businessmen and women oftentimes use the R-class to serve Communist Party officers (for obvious reasons). Another interesting story, I knew a high school kid in China, who was a classmate of my friend. His parents brought a R-class and hired a chauffeur to tak...
January 27, 2015
Honda CR-Z discontinued in Australia
Well, I completely agree. Its performance has always been an disappointment and fuel economy is lacklustre as well. But back in 2010 its competitors were not as strong as they are today and more importantly, Honda took a very conservative approach in R&D after global recession in 2008, because they ...
January 27, 2015
Honda CR-Z discontinued in Australia
I've always loved the CR-Z's overall package. More personalities and more characteristics than a Civic because of its body style and low driving position; more maturity and peace-of-mind than a boy racer because of its hybrid powertrain; more fun to drive than most other hybrids because of its manua...
January 27, 2015
2017 Ford F-150 Raptor's V6 EcoBoost engine makes 450 HP
Are those Raptor buyers environmentally conscious?
January 26, 2015
Euro-spec Accord axed, exec says they won't return to the segment
The China-exclusive Honda Spirior, comes with 8-speed dual clutch, direct injection, and a high reviving Type-S model. But most importantly, it costs even less than half the price of an Acura TLX in the same market. (179,800 CNY for the Spirior 2.0CVT vs. 398,900 CNY for the TLX 2.4) http://img1.xca...
January 23, 2015
Mystery BMW 2-Series Coupe prototype spied in California [video]
I personally believe it was the test car for the new engine. But why would they put camouflage on it to test a new engine?
January 22, 2015
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