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April 30, 2012
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Mercedes-AMG GT interior photographed without camo
Seems hard to access the touch screen coz of the 4 gigantic vents
July 30, 2014
Audi builds their six-millionth model with quattro all-wheel drive
6 mil cars looking the same
July 11, 2014
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reportedly buying Pagani Huayra
we shall dump the fb stocks. his well being has become significant more risky than before ..
July 11, 2014
Lamborghini Aventador gets faulty engine replacement and burns on the Autobahn
if the driver got crashed on the highway by escaping from burning car, i wonder if that considers death caused by faulty car.. or its just unfortunate accident?
July 11, 2014
LaFerrari already showing fire prone signs? [video]
The 499 cars will soon be extinct .. No need to recall
July 8, 2014
LaFerrari facelifted by a Volkswagen Golf in Monaco
just dump it and buy a new one..
July 1, 2014
Second generation Aston Martin Rapide imagined through render
no offence, but why do we care what someone has imagined?
June 23, 2014
Ferrari LaFerrari Spider coming next year - report
does the new FF come with the safety guide instructing people how to save the rear passengers when the car catches fire?
June 19, 2014
Ferrari LaFerrari Spider coming next year - report
laferrari is not so limited afterall. there is the XX and now spider, who knows what's next.. could be XXX or XXXX... and ends up making thousands of them each year.. nice scam..
June 19, 2014
Brand new McLaren 650S Spider crashed during test drive in Singapore
can't imagine the psychiatric harm done for crashing in a supercar test drive.. likely to be mocked for the rest of his life..
June 17, 2014
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