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October 20, 2007
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Production Land Rover Discovery Sport leaked through scale model
i hate the fact that lr look exactly the same as rr, these models look like evoques
August 24, 2014
Cadillac flagship to 'define' the brand - report
Yeah hows that going? Currently Doesnt even beat an s class challenger
August 20, 2014
Land Rover Discovery Sport interior previewed [video]
Why do the rr and lr products now have the same design the interior looks like a rr interior as does the exterior. Ud be pissed spendin so much more on rr when they look the same ud trot off to porsche or even bentley
August 20, 2014
Bentley crossover to feature a new styling philosophy - report
what lets make it bigger people buy suv's now....new philosophy
August 19, 2014
Jaguar XE interior with new infotainment system previewed [video]
well i hope that looks better in real life looks a bit old fashioned the dash design but lets see what it looks like in real life. it obviously has hooded dials and wrap around dash dash like the xj but the central dash looks a bit...old
August 19, 2014
Judge ends Ecclestone trial after $100m deal
Mmmm wats a good agreement for a corruption case....mmmm i kmow lets make the rich mam pay us momey too! Yay lets all set up a childrens charity together judge,prosecutor on the bpard. Lets help the kids with visits to monaco our friend bernie can put us up
August 5, 2014
Future MINI lineup to include up to 10 models - report
Hopefully they will all look a little different. Seen a few of the new mini and its even harder to sppt against the last one. At least 1st generation to 2nd u could tell it was new
August 5, 2014
2015 Ford Falcon XR6 & XR8 revealed
Mmmmm doesnt look as good as I thought it would. The xr6 was always a great looking car but this one looks like a normal model. I loved the alloys of the current gen and the bright orange paint.
July 24, 2014
2015 Vauxhall Corsa unveiled with Adam-inspired styling
Looks like an astra crashed into the back of an adam.....this will date quickly as at quick glance it doesnt look new
July 9, 2014
2015 Volkswagen Passat first official images released
Well its ok.....nothing amazing. Apart from the screen for dials that interior isno step forward even less so than the golf was....oh actually they added a clock just like the phaeron got like q 10 yrs ago
July 3, 2014
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