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February 20, 2009
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Lamborghini Gallardo gets rainbow camouflage in Malaysia
All it needs now is infra-red headlights and ultraviolet tail lights and its got the complete rainbow!
April 24, 2014
Nissan testing a paint that repels mud, dirt and rain [video]
Unfortunately these hydrophobic surfaces can't retain their water-rejecting morphology over long periods of time, and thus, will need to be reapplied frequently to retain the "Self-cleaning" attribute. I believe Bentley ran into the same issue years back with the same idea.
April 24, 2014
Mitsuoka Orochi being phased out, company to offer five Final Editions
I hope all of these special editions involve a very large brown paper bag!
April 23, 2014
Owner of faulty 2013 Porsche 911 shares his grief [video]
I think he took the right approach, rather than attacking his own property with sledge hammers and axes like some other disgruntled customers!
April 18, 2014
Volkswagen Golf R 400 concept heading to Beijing
Unknown engine? Well if the R32 is a 3.2, and the R20T is a 2.0, well I guess its safe to assume that VW are working on a 40-litre engine that will fit in a Golf! :D
April 17, 2014
Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe powers into New York with 577 bhp
Big, aggressive, loud, while also retaining an heir of elegance. All the attributes it should have being an AMG S-Coup. Well done MB!
April 16, 2014
2014 Hyundai ix25 leaked?
I like to hibernate under large rocks, I feel it provides the best shelter from car-related news XD
April 13, 2014
2015 Opel Agila and Chevrolet Spark spied testing together
I wish Opel would focus on developing the next-gen Corsa. All this development of both the Adam and this isn't going to fool anybody when the second, heavily-facelifted Corsa comes out shortly.
April 11, 2014
2014 Hyundai ix25 leaked?
Not to sound like an Audi fanboy or anything, but are Hyundai's grills starting to take the same shape as Audi's goatee grill? On the front page next to that Abt A5 the similarity can really be seen. Hyundai's doesn't seem to be as long though.
April 11, 2014
Audi A6 L e-tron gets green-lighted, will be built in China
I'm loving those wheels, although I'd hate to be the person who has to wash them!
April 9, 2014
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