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Malaysia not ruling out night race
On question, though: what happens if it rains? Nightracing, even on a floodlit track is notoriously dangerous. We recently had an example during the MotoGP night tests in Qatar: last day of testing was scrapped alltogether because of the rain. And that was in Qatar, where rain is a rare occurrence, ...
March 28, 2015
Ricciardo admits Red Bull chassis not best in 2015
"Last year Mercedes dominated and it was a great championship" - yeah, it was certainly an interesting battle for 3-rd place.
March 27, 2015
Rule stops Hamilton from wearing green helmet
Yeah, that's because you have a trained eye. For a non-regular watcher, it's not that obvious. And since the teams rejected the other propositions (ex: having a large font driver number and respective national flag on the engine cover), well...
March 27, 2015
BMW M5 30 Jahre M5 on sale in United States for a hefty $325,000
That's Ferrari FF money. Just saying...
March 26, 2015
Vettel turns down Rosberg's debrief invite
I think the Merc guys (drivers and heads of staff) are getting a bit carried away with their dominance.
March 26, 2015
Renault still hitting back at Red Bull
I must side with RB on this one. I'm sure the problem is split between the engine and the chassis but come on: 100hp deficit? And unreliability? And driveability problems? It seems Renault did nothing right...
March 25, 2015
Race pace gap to Mercedes not huge - Raikkonen
I really like Kimi. And he must've had his reasons to say that. But I don't really understand how this is good news: on a slow circuit (where engine power is not crucial), Mercedes finishes 30s ahead... What'll happen on high speed tracks? We'll see in Malaysia, I guess.
March 19, 2015
Hamilton tells Red Bull to 'hire better people'
@keithxp: Ferrari wasn't against the change, they were against the formula: 1.6 liter turbo V6. And let's not get into "who's the better driver" type of polemic. It's not what the article is about. I stressed the fact that I did not comment on Hamilton's driving. Only on some of his comments, which ...
March 17, 2015
Hamilton tells Red Bull to 'hire better people'
Mmmno. They just pushed for *stable* regulations. Cause everytime they found something that was technically legal to put on the car and made them faster, it was swiftly outlawed, one or two races later. Hence their request for a clearer and more stable set of regulations. The ones pushing for the ne...
March 17, 2015
Hamilton tells Red Bull to 'hire better people'
And it's not as if they didn't try: when they wanted a deal with Mercedes, McLaren veto-ed. So they had to invest into the Renault relationship. And now they're pretty screwed for that... "You better hire some better people". I'm baffled.
March 17, 2015
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