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BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer officially unveiled
It's not the fact that it's an MPV, it's just that this thing is F'ing UGLY, IMHO!
February 12, 2015
BMW to introduce a new concept at CES, will have advanced lighting systems
It looks fine. It doesn't look ground-breaking or revolutionary, but thank God the connected headlamp-grille design (as seen in current models) is gone! lol
January 2, 2015
All-new 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata unveiled [video]
Nice design. Like the muscular rear fender and back end. Note to WCF ... you might want to correct your article - this is in Monterey, California (see 12:25), not Montreal. :)
September 4, 2014
Future flagship BMW X7 rendered
That is one big ugly front! The kidney grille is way too big. The various air-intakes below the grille are also badly designed - too busy, no elegance at all!
May 21, 2014
Volkswagen NMC production version spied totally undisguised
What's with the plastic-y red knob behind the shifter?? Is that like the emergency STOP button?? lol (Or is it VW's new replacement for the handbrake/parking brake?) Seriously though, I think the car does look sleeker than the current Passat and Jetta, but it's not that exciting or groundbreaking.
May 1, 2014
BMW M235i Racing crashes on the Nurburgring [videos]
Sorry I meant "991" in the 1st video, not "998".
April 1, 2014
BMW M235i Racing crashes on the Nurburgring [videos]
Looks like the 2 videos were about 2 totally different incidents. The first one - the accident clearly happened on a wider stretch of track, near the spectators, while the second one happened next to the forest on a narrower part of the course. Also, the cars are different - the Porsche was a 998 (c...
April 1, 2014
Mercedes-Benz CLF fastback coupe digitally envisioned
As much as I think this is likely an April Fool's joke (the rear half of the car looks like it's photoshopped from an A5 sportback), it's not a bad looking car, actually!
April 1, 2014
2016 Chrysler Town & Country to push the envelope in terms of styling - report
"Push the envelope" of what? Of ugliness??
February 18, 2014
BMW 2-Series Active Tourer officially unveiled [videos]
Reminds me of one of these bull terriers! (And this breed is pretty "active" too!) :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onquT6s3X-s
February 13, 2014
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