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Mercedes-Benz S550 restyled by MC Customs [video]
This is absolutely DISGUSTING!!!!
November 16, 2014
Armored Mercedes-Benz GL protection tested against an AK-47 [video]
Very cheesy video but very amusing too.
November 13, 2014
Nissan says GT-R NISMO's rear end is bigger than Kim Kardashian's
Getting fat taken from your thighs and waist and injecting it into your a55 is what she is doing and now she has gone ott. She is on her 3rd marriage, sh@gged loads of guys, made a 5ex tape and is a complete airhead that has no talent. Not exactly a role model whatsoever.
November 13, 2014
Volkswagen unveils 272 HP 2.0-liter diesel engine with electric turbocharger
Right - throw that into the 2015 Audi A6 2.0 diesel and give it quattro too.
November 11, 2014
BMW Toyota sports car moves to the concept phase, model still on schedule
This is the best news I've heard this week. If BMW can make this car ride comfortably over bumps, give it stunning looks too - then they may just have a credible Porsche Boxster rival. The current Z4 I believe has a harsh ride although does look very nice.
November 6, 2014
Euro-spec Ford Mustang to offer a smoother ride thanks to softer suspension
I'm European and this is the best news I've heard although if the mpg is rubbish then I won't be interested. A cars ride quality has become the big thing for manufacturers lately....I suppose after BMW got it so wrong with their run flat tyres of 8 years ago etc. things are slowly improving. Mercede...
November 1, 2014
Revived British marque Lister teases V12 7.8-liter £2 million hypercar
If this is true then it is completely and utterly ridiculous! I would rather walk into a Casino and put it all on black.
October 31, 2014
2017 BMW Z5 gets rendered
Looks great.....this car can afford to be a bit bold/adventurous with the design because they don't sell in high numbers - it's not like I see many Z4's around so it's not like they need to play it too safe. I'm impressed BMW kept the concept design of the i8 and didn't change it too much. If they...
October 27, 2014
BMW i8S in the works, could run from 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds
More power was needed....the BMW M4 was faster and nearly half the price!
October 23, 2014
Audi says next-gen RS4 will lose the V8 engine
If the twin turbo 6 cylinder is more fuel efficient, more powerful and sounds inferior then I would take it hands down over a big gas guzzling V8.
October 23, 2014
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