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August 26, 2007
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Everyone here already knows I'm a smart-a**. I love cars, I have a bachelors in electrical engineering and I'm paying for that education as a certified technician. I work on all Eurotrash, but Mercedes is my specialty.
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Rowan Atkinson selling his McLaren F1 for £8 million
All the cars you listed are still in production. These will never be produced again and the ones left, no matter how carefully cared for, will inevitably dwindle. Besides, the history of this car is VERY well known. A collectors item for sure. 20 or 30 years from now, when he's long passed, this ...
January 23, 2015
2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 starts at $189,350
Wow. Thats less than S65.
January 16, 2015
Tesla Model X new details emerge, production version to feature falcon wing doors
Have you ever owned a car chris? Are you even old enough to drive? You've listed many service items on the engine/transmission but haven't commented on any of the questions and statements I made in my previous post. Ignoring your oversimplified description of fault diagnosis, have you ever heard ...
January 14, 2015
Tesla Model X new details emerge, production version to feature falcon wing doors
Wow chris, electric cars dont have steering and suspension systems? What about the normal 12v electrical system that powers window lifts, seats, etc? Those items mysteriously last forever now because the car is electric? Heating and cooling systems for the interior, battery and the propulsion/drive...
January 14, 2015
Tesla Model X new details emerge, production version to feature falcon wing doors
Lower maintenance, not no maintenance. You remove an engine and transmission, but add several more intricate components to systems that previously relied on said engine. Its definitely a great trade-off, but not the "free lunch" many people assume.
January 13, 2015
2016 Lincoln MKX leaked
My comment was a joke. I was agreeing with you and highlighting the fact that Lincoln, being honestly compared with the Germans, is a good thing. Do you think there have been many positive conversations involving Town Cars and S-classes over the years?
January 11, 2015
2016 Lincoln MKX leaked
Lincolns been dying to be a part of this conversation for years...
January 11, 2015
2016 Lincoln MKX leaked
Yes, and its taken Audi 20 years to be taken seriously. I was speaking more towards a large, rwd sedan/coupe to build a prestigious image for the brand, not an suv. And, even after the initial investment on rwd, it'll be two or three vehicle generations before resale values start to reflect Lincol...
January 11, 2015
193 vehicles involved in a massive highway crash near Michigan [video]
Nevermind autonomous cars...A simple V2V or V2I setup couldve prevented this, and will in the near future.
January 11, 2015
2016 Lincoln MKX leaked
Im as tough on Lincoln as the next guy, but credit must be given where its due. No design breakthroughs here (its styled like every modern Lincoln, inside and out), but materials quality and execution seem up to par (anyone crying about plastics hasnt been in a late model BMW) and if it gets the 2....
January 11, 2015
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