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Bentley aiming at 200 mph top speed for 2016 SUV - report
Complete nonsense, utterly not required and evidence Bentley doesn't care about anything other than their logo.
March 22, 2014
How it's made: Tesla Model S [video]
Love it ... now we'll see how long it will be before they can get costs down.
July 19, 2013
Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra to begin a crash diet to rival the Ford F-150 - report
Once again ... GM dominates the "we will follow" mantra. Should have done this a decade ago.
July 19, 2013
GM buys back stock, will end U.S government ownership
Last resort? Hardly. Banks are a bit different in that their demise affects far too many people, so that is a trickier scenario to deal with. We should not bail out banks either. Failure is part of life, and if a company fails, they fail. Sorry. The government has no business stepping in to pr...
December 20, 2012
GM buys back stock, will end U.S government ownership
The executive team at GM should have been forced to file bankruptcy. GM would have been able to do all the things they were able to do renegotiate contracts, etc., but the executives would have taken the heat and the US taxpayer would not be on the hook for billions and billions of dollars is losse...
December 20, 2012
16 Fisker Karmas catch fire in New Jersey - report
Memo to Product Planning & Marketing Department: Change name of vehicle from Fisker Karma to Fisker Kombusta
November 1, 2012
Fisker Atlantic postponed until late 2014 or early 2015
I just don't care about $55,000+ vehicles. How about some innovation and delivering it at $35,000.
October 16, 2012
BMW X3 facelift spied
Memo to BMW ... I love my current X3, but please ... when offering Bluetooth connectivity, include both phone and streaming. Having to spend an additional $600 to get my iPhone to stream music (even though the phone part works) is ridiculous.
October 15, 2012
Ford works on a new carbon fiber technology, could lead to more economical cars
94+ percent or so of each gallon goes to moving the vehicle, not the occupants. It's about time to lighten the load, and will likely be the only way to keep up with CAFE standards and saving money at the pump.
October 10, 2012
2013 Range Rover priced at $83,500 (US)
Correction: The title should read "2013 Range Rover overpriced at $83,500 (US)"
September 14, 2012
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