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astroturf777's Comments

BMW M3 Pickup spied for first time
if people would buy it, they would build it. next gen americans maybe?
March 15, 2011
McLaren chairman Ron Dennis gets license revoked
with speed cameras on every light post in britain, it's not hard to get a ticket...
March 14, 2011
Formula 1 coverage to end
so crash.net will get the advertising dollars for our pings instead of wcf...
January 11, 2011
Formula 1 coverage to end
wcf, when we stop hitting your site your advertising revenue will stop... you're doing this why???
January 11, 2011
Formula 1 coverage to end
agree - 'unsubscribe'
January 11, 2011
Formula 1 coverage to end
i use wcf as my first feed for all things F1. 'unsubscribe'
January 11, 2011
Schumacher cautious but expecting to win in 2011
would be interesting to know how little brawn invested in the 2010 car back in 2009 when it was his pocket financing it. fact is, schumacher entered the year saying it will be a learning year and a development year so they could push in 2011. the fact that rosberg scored well doesnt say schum...
December 3, 2010
McLaren has 'creative ideas' for 2011 car - boss
and if it's not fast enough, spend the whole year complaining that the competitors must be cheating...
November 19, 2010
Team orders to be 'regulated' not banned - Todt
this has nothing to do with the result at abu dhabi. this is just about the role of team orders. we saw red bull try to manipulate a result with the 'save fuel' call when vettel hit webber, todt is basically saying he wants to avoid the mess of conspiracies etc. apparently mclaren used coded message...
November 19, 2010
Briatore rues mistake that cost Alonso third title
not many hills in the desert...
November 19, 2010
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