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December 6, 2008
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2016 Acura RDX facelift coming to Chicago Auto Show
haha.....I needed a smile at work. Thanks :)
January 21, 2015
Toyota RAV4 Business Edition launched in UK from 23,995 GBP
Seriously Toyota? Rav4 Business class? I would think a premium brand calling one of their model 'business edition' would be more appropriate....even Toyota's own Lexus cars can be one of the business edition. This? Rav4.....uuummm, no thanks. I don't wanna get laughed at pulling up with my 'business...
January 21, 2015
Lexus explains why they believe the RC 350 is a better choice than a BMW 435i [video]
This is the same as the ad Lexus put up for i3 vs CT200h. It's pointless and stupid, makes you look desperate to 'lure' BMW customers just because you highlight your car features. Fully loaded features does not 'win' in a car fight. My wife's Sonata has more features then my E90, but that doesn't me...
January 8, 2015
2015 Audi Q7 drops most of its camouflage in latest spy shots
there's a camo? my bad, I should have looked harder since all Audi's looked the same........pls thumb me down :)
November 27, 2014
Audi unveils their stylish Prologue concept
Finally, and Audi that doesn't looks like any of the other version of Audi. It looks sharp. Very nice indeed. Great job....
November 19, 2014
Armored Mercedes-Benz GL protection tested against an AK-47 [video]
I'm pretty sure they tested it before the CEO would actually sit inside, and the guy that fired the shots didn't fire at the same spot twice, but you gotta give the CEO some credit, at least he has the balls to do it. I like the last part though......funny
November 13, 2014
Lexus mocks the BMW i3 [video]
Lexus...really? Everyone knows you don't take the i3 for long trips like that. It's an urban car!!! You look desperate by doing this ad just to mock BMW. What's next? You gonna mock the Nissan Leaf?
November 10, 2014
Black 1993 BMW M5 costs more than a brand new M5
Car is in immaculate condition and well kept - YES Chances of selling it at that price? - Close to nil Buy a M5 and not drive it, keep it for 20 years hoping to make money? - It's like having a supermodel wife and not 'drive' it. It's a SIN!!!
October 28, 2014
Chevrolet Silverado versus semi in tug of war [video]
its just simple science, the semi has massive amount of torque, but no grip. Put some load on the semi, it'll rip the truck to pieces.
October 24, 2014
Lotus Exige S Automatic announced, goes on sale in January
oh god, at least make it a dual clutch!!!
October 23, 2014
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