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December 6, 2008
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Vin Diesel says Furious 7 will probably win best picture at 2016 Oscars
I'm pretty sure it'll be a box office hit because of Paul but c'mon Vin, you don't really believe that it'll actually win an Oscar right? Regardless, I respect you for believing in your crew and most importantly for naming your baby girl Pauline, after your brother/best friend Paul Walker. For that,...
March 27, 2015
BBC announces Jeremy Clarkson exit from Top Gear
Chris Harris has a different approach to his show, its more about information and how the car rides/feel/drive type of show. The reason you watch Top Gear is because it is the total opposite of that!! It is the stupid obnoxious things that they say and do that make you watch Top Gear. So, here it i...
March 25, 2015
Toyota Corolla ESport Nurburgring Edition debuts at Bangkok Motor Show
haha, can't stop laughing......it even has the Nurburgring circuit sticker on it just to remind you how 'special' this car is....haha...hilarious as hell. Thanks Toyota, I needed a good laugh :)
March 24, 2015
Toyota exaggerates with Corolla Nurburgring Edition
I was minding my own business having lunch and catching up on the car world when this article strikes.....I almost had to clean up my lunch on my cubicle when I read this article!! C'mon Toyota, its not funny to make someone spit out their own lunch.....this is a joke right Toyota? Right? omg....I t...
March 20, 2015
Elon Musk says human driving will eventually be banned
well that sorta takes the fun out of having a car isn't it?
March 18, 2015
2017 Ford GT to cost around $400,000; annual production capped at 250 units
I'm not a fan of Ford cars, but I would totally get this over the Aventador. It's the history and what it stands for that matters. I don't care if it can't beat the Lambo on the track. But I can't afford either, so I'll go back to my garage and be happy with my E90.
March 6, 2015
Ferrari Sergio by Pininfarina debuts in Geneva
is it me or is this the first Ferrari that came off worst than the car it was based off on......
March 4, 2015
Infiniti QX30 concept unveiled [video]
@Carmaker1 - I know what you said in terms of design and that most of the cars design were 'frozen' long before it was due or when the 'concepts' were shown. I made the comment because you didn't say you were shown to a 'private' unveil. But it's good to know that the concept is similar to the real ...
March 3, 2015
Infiniti QX30 concept unveiled [video]
@ Carmaker1 - uh? Production model? This car is not even out yet.......unless I'm wrong. But I'm pretty sure that this car is not out yet. Everything you see so far, including the ones at car shows, are the prototype!!! Again, unless I'm wrong.
March 2, 2015
2015 Audi R8 breaks cover
C'mon Audi, its ok for your mass produced As and Qs to look the same, but this 'is' your halo car right? Apart from new front and back end, and some nip/tuck here and there, this car looks more like a 'facelift' than a new model. I think you should fire all of your design engineers and only keep one...
February 26, 2015
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