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December 6, 2008
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Chevrolet Silverado versus semi in tug of war [video]
its just simple science, the semi has massive amount of torque, but no grip. Put some load on the semi, it'll rip the truck to pieces.
October 24, 2014
Lotus Exige S Automatic announced, goes on sale in January
oh god, at least make it a dual clutch!!!
October 23, 2014
BMW M4 ad banned in UK after complaint said it "encouraged unsafe driving" [video]
The ad and the song sucks... I think the people that complain are most probably the rich parents that got tricked by their kids into buying the M3/M4 not knowing that this is the 'race' version of the 3/4 series...lmao
October 16, 2014
Acura considering a shift to all-wheel drive
@ wills2007 - you are right, but most people don't know that the CT200H is actually based off the Prius(obviously not to the car savvy ppl like you), but I would say 90% don't know about it. If you are in US, you will know that the Landcruisers are not even 'selling' compared to that the Lexus GX an...
October 14, 2014
Acura considering a shift to all-wheel drive
Exactly!! Lexus only has one model that's based on the Camry, and its the one that all the women likes to drive with anyways(ES350), so no one really cares about that particular model. But all of the rest is unique to the Lexus brand, thus their success. Acura on the other hand, is just a tuxedo ver...
October 13, 2014
2015 North American Car and Truck/Utility of the Year short list published
I've just driven the Hyundai Genesis.....that car might just win it. It's very good. As for truck/utilities, It's either the Outback or Macan will do it although the F150 will be challenging hard.
September 24, 2014
Barely driven yet heavily crashed Porsche 991 GT3 costs €49,900
Not worth for rebuilt....for parts yes...haha...for 50k? Nope..
September 23, 2014
BMW M3 needs 3.9s until 100 km/h and 19.8 seconds to hit 250 km/h [video]
@Barhoom_Aston : calm down, he's just saying that the M's and AMG's all did not put in the 'quicker' time, not just BMW only.
September 22, 2014
Unburned fuel causes Lamborghini Aventador to catch fire during wedding [video]
I don't think it's Asian wedding......
September 19, 2014
BMW upgrades the 518d & 520d, features more power & improved efficiency
BMW NA, pls bring the 520d(estate variant) to the States. The hp and torque will do just fine. We don't always 'need' the bigger engines here. Times have changed. Give us the diesels!! You can do the 520d with just the estate since estate buyers probably will lean more towards efficiency than outrig...
September 17, 2014
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