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Dodge to restart Viper production in mid-November
good catch man, guess he is paid pr or something for the company. lost intention on the car
October 22, 2014
Dodge to restart Viper production in mid-November
used car dealers didn't really decreased their prices on used ones so I guess they are the ones getting the 15k as extra profit
October 22, 2014
Bugatti Veyron full-size replica made from wood costs just $3,300 [video]
why would bother buying a wood one when you can buy a real one for almost that price
October 21, 2014
Heavily modified BMW M6 Gran Coupe in Java Green looks like no other
acceleration is not everything. There is the feeling, the noise, the top speed, the handling, the quality and so on. Tesla might be a good electric car for the accelaration but it doesn't mean it can compete with an m6, handle like any m, sound like any m, handle like any m and so on... If you are t...
October 20, 2014
Jeremy Clarkson gets busted for speeding
he was not we was
October 20, 2014
2015 Mercedes C63 AMG pricing announced (UK)
@Roken, that is a big surprise. By the way too bad you didn't wait couple of months to get the new one...
October 9, 2014
Ferrari F430 Spider used as delivery vehicle in Melbourne
@hughfh even though you own the car, as long as the car can be recognized as a Ferrari, making it look bad, cheap would harm the company, therefore they have a little right on this depending on the country I guess. Changing the color, the standing in this case could be like a bad replica, going over...
October 7, 2014
Ferrari F430 Spider used as delivery vehicle in Melbourne
Ferrari should not allow that. I know many people here are against ferrari's antipathetic standing but this marketing mcdonald's use lowers the value of the car. Imagine considering an f430 and reading this article...
October 7, 2014
Rolls-Royce Wraith trashed around the countryside [video]
please tell me where I can rent an enzo, f50, bugatti eb110 and or Jag xj220
October 1, 2014
Mercedes-AMG GT gets the walk-around treatment [video]
mercedes 911. Does anyone guess the price range
September 30, 2014
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