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Two Mercedes GLE 63 AMG Coupes caught wearing minimal disguise
Looks seriously mean in black, think Batman immediately.
December 4, 2014
Mercedes-Benz introduces AMG Sport range and teases GLE Coupe
Definitely the GLE Coupe.
November 27, 2014
2015 Audi Q7 drops most of its camouflage in latest spy shots
Apart from the wheel arches from the year 2004, the rest looks like a big improvement.
November 27, 2014
AMG CEO confirms GT Black Series, mysterious "nice" variant in two years
"Nice" model will be called AMG GT-R. See what Moer's said to Wired magazine: "The two initials lend themselves well to suffixes for future spinoffs, like ‘R’". “Isn’t GT R already taken?” He pauses, transmits a tractor beam of a stare back at me, and utters a definitive “No.” " So, AMG GT-R will ...
November 27, 2014
Ferrari 458 Speciale buyers must select more extra equipment or risk losing the order
True story, just takes a phone call to any authorised dealer to substantiate. Personally, totally put me off buying one, they can shove it.
November 22, 2014
Mercedes designers recreate the AMG GT out of tape [video]
lol, they might charge you as much as you'd pay for a real GT-S. Are you buying one Benzboy?
November 20, 2014
Mercedes-Maybach S600 teased one last time
Hopefully the exterior will also be noticeably different to the standard S Class, although spy shots don't seem to suggest this. If they really want Maybach to work as a luxury arm, like AMG is the performance arm, then they'll need to make cars look unique so buyers can maintain snob value for havi...
November 18, 2014
Mercedes-AMG GT priced in United Kingdom from £97,195
For a car that is by all accounts vastly superior to the amazing SLS, this is huge value for money.
November 13, 2014
McLaren announces Sports Series model for Q2 2015 [video]
911, AMG GT, F Type, R8 and P13 mega test is inevitable. Yay!
November 7, 2014
Porsche 911 Targa facelift spied featuring mildly revised styling
Kind of agree with you. Wish more of the Carrera GT/918 spider cues would flow into the 911. It looks decidedly tame, especially in the front end, compared to the AMG GT, F Type and R8. Even the Turbo S front looks weak...
November 7, 2014
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