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February 29, 2012
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Verstappen chooses Mercedes over Red Bull - report
bold but wise move...RB junior program gather a lot of talents but ultimately many of them will cut of when money enters the action...
July 24, 2014
2015 Car of the Year candidates announced
me too...
July 24, 2014
Cadillac ATS-V Coupe spied up close
why would be the v6 3.6 less powerful than V6 3.2?
July 24, 2014
Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale going to auction, could become the most expensive Ferrari ever
aaaahhh...the time were car doesn't catch fire from nothing. great times... :D
July 23, 2014
QUANT e-Sportlimousine approved for road use, production model in the works
well... yes! is you have 4 engine, one on each wheel and each of one have lets say 100cv it would mean the car will have 400cv, if you take 2 engines out without increasing the power of the 2 remaining it will have 200cv, simply mathematics. a different situation is if you have 1 engine and 4wd or 2...
July 23, 2014
Toyota Auris Cross spied up close
maybe because people like more the Toyota?? not everyone is in love by Mazda design or the way how it drives. Toyotas are built for the masses and it is why they sell so well. it may not be the most exiting car, the most sport car, the most nimble, but it is what most appeals to a larger audience of...
July 22, 2014
Audi & Porsche feuding over platforms - report
that is what happens when you want that dogs, cats and mouses to get along together... specially in today times were all manufacturers groups are trying to reduce costs by developing modular platforms...
July 21, 2014
Three-cylinder engines with cylinder deactivation tech are on their way
i don't doubt that 3% are good figures, but other makers are doing 10% improvement without complicating more the engine technology. and i am not talking about hybridizations of engines. this 3% comes ate what reliability cost? to me i don't have problems owning a car up to 400 000 km or more, i don'...
July 21, 2014
Volkswagen eyeing Fiat purchase - report
serious?? LOL!! thy will never buy Toyota or GM...
July 21, 2014
Three-cylinder engines with cylinder deactivation tech are on their way
in really congestion cities and traffic jams it does...
July 21, 2014
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