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January 29, 2009
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2014 Jeep Cherokee officially unveiled
jeep juke ?lol
February 22, 2013
WCF Site Redesign 2011 - final stage 3 launched
advert. in wrong place
October 12, 2011
WCF Site Redesign 2011 - final stage 3 launched
October 12, 2011
Mercedes SLS AMG tuned into the HAMANN HAWK
in Russia ppl likes Fab-design,with this hawk they are pretty similar.No taste at all,even color is boring!my word-the stock is better 100% or BRABUS and lorinser no other tuner can tune this car better..Hamann please tune only BMW and Mini how it was in general
February 27, 2011
BMW teases new concept in ConnectedDrive video
i'm tired to watch all those fkfkfking teasers
January 21, 2011
Audi puts Mercedes S-Class to bed in new A8 TV ad
i'd like to say,Merc is greatest in hi Luxury class,more comfortable and brutal car at the moment and for all last years.BMW is leader in sedans class since e39,new f10 last prove for that,is no competitor.Audi is leader in mid size sedans since 1st a4 even 3rd series bimmer not competitor, cause th...
January 18, 2011
Hyundai Grandeur/Azera shown in new promo [video]
Toyoda must go
December 23, 2010
BMW Concept Vision Z Rendered
The front is very special,why special?dont know who is potencial buyer of that design reminds me 80's-90's bmw models.In 90s bmw company was not in good finanicial situation because the buyers were choosing more classic and comfort cars for evry day.My word concept only
August 7, 2009
BMW Z Vision Concept spotted en route to Frankfurt
i just read the comments)..agree with you!
August 6, 2009
BMW Z Vision Concept spotted en route to Frankfurt
Front looks like mitubishi lancer x or i'm drunkd?
August 6, 2009
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