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August 16, 2012
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Mercedes-Benz GLC 63 AMG makes spy photo debut
I think Mercedes is heading the right direction with the next-gen GLK/GLC. Also GLK doesn't have to be much bigger since the GLA is far too small I think. It is supposed to compete against the BMW X1, however it is 50 cm lower than the X1. GLA should have been a bit bigger in size, it is about the s...
October 21, 2014
Matte gray wrapped Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe looks sexy
It looks sexy in every possible guise ;) Just ridiculous!
October 13, 2014
AMG to focus on volume segment, hypercar ruled out
That's good news but how do you know that? Are you sure?
October 8, 2014
Lamborghini Asterion hybrid concept powers into Paris with 910 HP
Wow! At last something different from Lamborghini. It looks great and interesting enough, it blends the looks from 70s with today's design elements, though I don't know if they intended to do that.
October 1, 2014
Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe rendering has potential
Let's hope it's gonna be more distinctive than the sedan like S vs S Coupe.
September 29, 2014
The World's Greatest Drag Race features 10 supercars and sports cars [video]
Wow I'm impressed Porsche beats the GT-R. But what's up with the Fiesta and Golf hahah? Why not put a Mercedes-AMG etc.?
September 27, 2014
Ferrari recalling 458 Italia in US due to potential risk of getting stuck inside the trunk
What do you mean "getting stuck in the trunk"? Who's gonna get inside of a Ferrari 458 trunk? Can someone even fit inside?
September 24, 2014
Mercedes shows off the AMG GT color palette
September 20, 2014
2015 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG plays its raspy soundtrack in latest 'Ring spy video
Oooohh that's music to my ears! What a pathetic sound that was from the bimmer though. Yet another graceful Mercedes in its most powerful form, doesn't get much better than that.
September 16, 2014
2016 Audi Q1 gets rendered
Ahahha lol
September 12, 2014
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