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April 25, 2010
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Abandoned Porsche 930 Slantnose spotted near Pittsburgh
Could be a few things: owner may have met with foul play and been one of those crook types who no one misses; owner may have had to leave town in a real hurry (drug deal gone bad, psycho ex with a psycho divorce lawyer); stolen car abandoned and owner has many cars in different locations he hardly v...
December 27, 2014
Ferrari admits 'mistakes' have hurt 2015 car
This is a really risky thing to say for a boss before the season starts. On the positive, it will make any victories greatly celebrated and relished and does indicate openness and honesty. But the negative is that it can be hugely demoralizing and make many write off all of 2015, creating a self ful...
December 26, 2014
Porsche rules out Tesla Model S competitor
With the Boxster E, no never really saw much about that past few years. I would guess that maybe the results indicated that it was best for Porsche to wait a bit longer for the tech to mature - right now, it's still not ready for a mainstream debut with true Porsche DNA...
December 24, 2014
Porsche rules out Tesla Model S competitor
Actually Porsche is doing a ton of research in the area, but it is all just before the level of integrated prototype testing. They are testing electric motors, batteries and the like but in lab conditions and computer modelling, plus some very serious monitoring of promising research around the worl...
December 22, 2014
Barely driven 1984 Audi Sport Quattro to be auctioned next month
This is definitely a car to buy and then put into a climate controlled garage: it's something that will go up in value a lot more reliably than any stock portfolio and far more than any bank deposit. It would not be a good idea to drive it too often: this thing was tuned to a huge level especially f...
December 21, 2014
2016 Cadillac CTS-V to have 640 bhp
I am one of those people...for now. But whilst I love the thought of a big bore V8 with a supercharger making a sound like the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse as it tears up the pavement, if I could get the same or better performance from a pure EV car and get a reliable 500km range with saving about $...
December 20, 2014
Subaru planning to phase out six-cylinder engines?
Toyota has over 16% of Subaru's parent company...and did anyone say BRZ (cough!) GT-86? Subaru can - with a bit of give and take - get relatively straightforward access to almost all of Toyota's engines.
December 18, 2014
Brabus show off their gold Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG with 1,450 Nm torque
The best, well serviced MB transmissions can handle around 800-900 Nm for over 300,000 km before they really need a rebuild - that is an amazing achievement. But I have been told by an AMG E63 owner that the transmission is pumpkin mush at around 80-90,000 km (have ridden with this guy, amazing it l...
December 15, 2014
Brabus show off their gold Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG with 1,450 Nm torque
You need a fortune to buy it...and a fortune to buy a new transmission every 50-80,000 km or so. 1,450 Nm is just insane, but I wonder if that has to be electronically limited?
December 15, 2014
Infiniti Q60 concept teased ahead of NAIAS reveal
That does look amazingly svelte - so far, so damn good!
December 12, 2014
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