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Next BMW M5 to have 626 PS & optional all-wheel drive
And did someone once write that the HP wars were over between the German manufacturers...?
August 26, 2014
2015 Volvo XC90 SUV official images leaked - huge gallery
Must say, car interiors the world over and in all classes have improved stunningly over the past few years (thankyou Audi for giving everyone some high benchmarks!), but even considering that, this is pretty damn impressive...
August 26, 2014
Crash damaged Bugatti Veyron on sale for just $250K
At last, a Veyron even I can afford...and I bet those dents will buff out...
August 26, 2014
Mercedes AMG GT spied on Nurburgring, is it the Black Series? [video]
The AMG GT will be - at the worst - a very good car. But true greatness is also possible - perhaps even icon. Indeed it is very possible and it will happen if the car ends up being lighter than everyone expects.
August 25, 2014
Audi welcomes Tesla in Hamburg through a billboard
They have 107 stations in North America...that is a start, but for now and for the next few years, the idea that a pure electric car will give you the same kind of interstate freedom and flexibility as a normal IC engine is a definite pipe dream. But perhaps in 5 years, a bit less so if Tesla gains ...
August 22, 2014
Audi welcomes Tesla in Hamburg through a billboard
This makes perfect sense: at this early stage, electric cars need to gain traction in terms of supporting infrastructure and that's really only going to happen when a critical mass is reached, or at least when sufficient momentum is heading that way. And that is not going to happen with any one manu...
August 21, 2014
Dodge mocks the Volkswagen Passat in latest ads [videos]
I think Dodge may be gunning for the late 20s to early 30s buyer who is just starting a family, probably is considering a sensible Passat, but may be persuaded to hold on to a bit of a wild youth with the Charger, which is a bit more pricey but not ridiculously so, but does have some real cool facto...
August 20, 2014
Next-generation Mercedes S-Class could feature gesture control technology - report
Gesture control? So when some punk cuts me off and I give him the finger, the S class of 2021 will automatically accelerate and side swipe the SOB off the road?
August 20, 2014
2015 Lexus RC F to cost more than the BMW M4 Coupe in the U.K.
I have to commend Lexus for sticking with the NA V8, even if it means it may be a bit slower than the M4 in most, if not all driving environments. It seems as if Lexus has said "Well if BMW doesn't want to build real M BMWs anymore, then we'll do it!"
August 18, 2014
Wealthy Arabs pay 20,000 GBP per vehicle to ship supercars with cargo jets to London
Point taken: actually I meant no criticism, rather awe and wonder, so apologies if it came out wrong. Yes, of the handful of very wealthy Middle Eastern individuals I have dealt with, all have been of a similar persuasion in being exceptionally generous with gifts as per their capacity to do so, tho...
August 17, 2014
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