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April 25, 2010
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Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman spied for the first time, will be 6.4 meters long
Probably be a bit more chassis flex than ideal at this length, though somehow I don't see blasting through a twisty Bavarian mountain road as this car's prime domain. Also, I don't think it will be using that much armored steel compared to Kevlar, laminated composites, ceramics and special thermopla...
April 19, 2014
LaFerrari XX mule spied on the Nurburgring, 6:35 lap time rumored
What I am eagerly awaiting - and I must admit I am still surprised it has not happened - is a direct comparison between the LaFerrari, the P1 and the 918...ideally at Nurburgring. Must admit...a bit surprised it has not happened yet, as all cars are now more than a few months into the customer deliv...
April 18, 2014
Active suspension could return to F1 - report
It makes perfect sense for active suspension to be in F1: this is great tech which has real world benefits for performance, comfort and safety on the track and eventually on the road. F1 needs to be a lab where the highest tech, real world relevant ideas are developed for eventual translation on the...
April 17, 2014
LaFerrari XX mule spied on the Nurburgring, 6:35 lap time rumored
Interesting: if this indeed the time, then the 'standard' LaFerrari will likely be line ball with the P1 around the Nurburgring...but my money is still on the P1 having a slight edge.
April 17, 2014
Mazda reveals next-gen MX-5 chassis, will be 100+ kg lighter
Absolute respect to Mazda if they achieve this and maintain a similar price point: as one brilliant chassis engineer told me a few years ago. "You want cheap, you want stiff & you want light: pick any two..."
April 16, 2014
Stefano Domenicali quits Ferrari following poor start in 2014
The guy at the top has to take responsibility, even though the reality is that perhaps a lot of technical people below him and a few above him are equally or even more to blame. You earn outrageous dollars...but sometimes you accept a lot of unfairness. Grin and bear it.
April 14, 2014
Brand new Mercedes-Benz S-Class declared total loss after engine fire
Can't argue with that logic!
April 13, 2014
Engine makers to discuss V6 noise in China
I am a fan of a great engine note as much as anyone, but really...get with the times. Yes, F1 is a sport, it is entertainment...but it's also a multi-billion R&D platform that should be able to develop new technologies suitable for road use that comply with local laws. I know that sounds boring to m...
April 11, 2014
2015 Corvette Z06 Convertible officially unveiled, will debut in New York
I do wish they would hurry up and build the Corvette in right hand drive.
April 11, 2014
Brand new Mercedes-Benz S-Class declared total loss after engine fire
I consulted in product quality in the automotive sector a few years ago. Rest assured - the designers involved in components the engine compartment, any relevant subcontractors / manufacturers, the assembly line guys, the guys who did the final QC and initial QA, as well as the MB PR people...a lot ...
April 11, 2014
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