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Massa had head-start on Belgian GP grid
...say someone who clearly isn't interested in F1.
Sep 1st, 2010 11:41pm
Coachbuilt 950bhp Aston Martin Super Sport Limited Edition costs €7.5m
With the One 77 on the way, why would Aston license this? I call bs.
Aug 19th, 2010 6:48am
One-off Pagani Zonda HH teased
Hulk Hogan?
Jul 29th, 2010 6:06am
BMW Z Spyder Stradale, Z8 successor rumored for 2014
I don't think Q car is the term you're looking for... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q-car
May 23rd, 2010 10:27pm
Hamilton Caught doing Burnouts - Charged by Police
Glad to see he's fairy [sic] disappointed.
Mar 28th, 2010 1:42am
Hennessey Venom GT Unable to Make Geneva Debut
What a shock!
Feb 21st, 2010 5:05am
Ralf Schumacher confirms Stefan GP's 'interest'
No, just no. How can you have Anthony Davidson relegated to announcing and Ralph back in a car? No.
Feb 7th, 2010 4:03pm
BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept Confirmed for Production in 2013
Wow, an eco-car I'm looking forward to!
Feb 2nd, 2010 8:22am
Bugatti Veyron for Sale with Matching Transport Truck
You're crazy, that's THE Bugatti blue, the classic choice.
Jan 27th, 2010 7:40am
Pagani C9 Next Generation Supercar Details Revealed - Price 900,000 euros
That isn't cheap!
Jan 22nd, 2010 3:44pm
Piquet says he turned down F1 offer
"in a lot of ways it's even a tougher step than F1," AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA No wait, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The difference is that if you crash intentionally in NASCAR it's not going to help your teammate much, just make the rednecks cheer louder.
Jan 20th, 2010 5:28am
Lamborghini Jota Murcielago Successor Spied Winter Testing in Lap Land
Should be epic, has the makings of a proper Lambo. Oh, and it's Lapland, not Lap Land. Geography fail, you could have at least turned that into a lambo/stripclub joke, but alas no.
Jan 16th, 2010 1:34pm
BMW 335is Coupe & Cabriolet Confirmed as Specs Leak
More tractable than the M3 with all that torque too, maybe a CSL is in the works to keep the halo bright.
Jan 15th, 2010 5:40am
2011 BMW M5 Details Spilled - Wagon Variant Axed
The CTS-V uses a detuned version of the ZR1 motor.
Jan 10th, 2010 4:01pm
Ferrari 458 Italia Real Life Photos and Video
I liked the 458's design initially, but it isn't really growing on me. I'll have to wait until I see one in the flesh to judge properly, but I agree that in a decade it's not going to be worshiped.
Jan 2nd, 2010 6:36am
Ferrari 599 Hybrid Concept to Appear in Geneva - report
Exactly. It would be greenwashing to have a V12 supercar and call it a hybrid for environmental reasons, but braking wastes energy. If you can convert and store it, and translate that efficiency into better performance, why argue with progress? Look at the BMW ED concept, performance on par with an E90 M3 with a three cylinder diesel engine.
Dec 26th, 2009 1:43am
Ferrari 599 Hybrid Concept to Appear in Geneva - report
It's about how you drive. He had the M3 in 6th at about 1500RPM the whole time and the prius driver was thrashing it. A prius would certainly get better mileage than an M3 if driven normally.
Dec 26th, 2009 1:34am
Maybach as Portrayed by Artist David LaChapelle [Video]
Nudity doesn't equal pornography.
Dec 9th, 2009 6:41am
Lamborghini Madura Student Design Project
Shades of the LFA in there too.
Dec 9th, 2009 6:38am
Maybach as Portrayed by Artist David LaChapelle [Video]
And yet, suddenly the Maybach brand is desirable to me. Strange.
Dec 9th, 2009 4:38am
Spyker makes bid for Saab
How is that ironic? It's a coincidence, maybe an improbability, but it's not ironic. It could, however, but a means of unifying the brands under one umbrella.
Dec 3rd, 2009 4:06am
Alonso works hard to win Ferrari 'confidence'
And his grandmother will be so happy he's wearing her sweater.
Nov 29th, 2009 9:54am
Ferrari F70 Enzo Replacement to Receive Twin-Turbo V8
It's from Autoexpress, everyone take a cup of salt with this information.
Nov 27th, 2009 12:02pm
Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo with 1500hp by Underground Racing [Video]
I wonder what sort of warranty you get with this mod...
Nov 25th, 2009 6:46am
Lamborghini and TAG Heuer Make Murcielago LP-640 Inspired Mobile
A mechanical cell phone? Huh?
Nov 5th, 2009 3:58am
Ultima Claims Top Gear Lap Record Without Their Permission
Keep Clarkson, he's too important to the franchise, like him or not. Kill Hammond with a frozen carp and replace him with Tiff. I think Tiff, James and Jeremy would be a great team.
Oct 28th, 2009 4:25am
Ultima Claims Top Gear Lap Record Without Their Permission
The Stig isn't always the same driver, and the Ultima has been able to do this for ages, Top Gear don't care and won't run it because it would embarrass the expensive Italians and they'd stop lending them cars, or that's the prevailing wisdom anyways. Besides, anyone who thinks an Ultima is a Ferrari or Lamborghini competitor then you're kidding yourself.
Oct 27th, 2009 11:12am
Channel 5's Fifth Gear hits the Chopping Block?
You know it existed with different personnel before, right? It jumped the shark a while ago and needs something to make it interesting again. The last series was terrible, there was about half an hour of decent content in it. Kill Hammond, make him into a couch and let Tiff sit on it. Tiff and Clarkson had great chemistry in the prior iteration of TG and I think May would work well with them.
Oct 21st, 2009 4:16pm
Channel 5's Fifth Gear hits the Chopping Block?
Fire Hammond and send Tiff back to Top Gear. Job done.
Oct 21st, 2009 8:35am
VW to eye F1 only if costs are lower - official
Bring Bugatti back to Grand Prix racing!
Oct 10th, 2009 2:31am
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