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December 3, 2009
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Mazda rules out a high-performance MX-5
Well mine is 10 years younger than yours, so what, YOU keep going on about the same thing in every MX-5 post... There will NOT be a more powerful version, what YOU think Mazda needs does not resinate, as they are not going to do it... So I guess you will stay with your tired NB ;)
July 2, 2015
Mazda rules out a high-performance MX-5
Happy to see some of you get it...most never do until they own an MX-5. ...the FUN is not in the horsepower or perceived lack of (juvenile how big is your man rooster stuff), but in how it makes you feel and how connected you are and your senses to the car.
July 1, 2015
Mazda rules out a high-performance MX-5
I am not so sure about a higher powered or larger car off the ND platform/chassis. I can tell you now having looked at (in a lot of detail) the ND is a very lightweight set up, and there is zero room for 'official' HP and weight gains...it is just not engineered to take anymore.....Apart from the ve...
July 1, 2015
Mazda 767B race car crashed at Goodwood
First the Mazda Furai burnt down (Top Gear) at Goodwood and now this Mazda 767B #202..!!...What is it with this (UK) track and Rotary Engine Cars!
June 29, 2015
Next generation Toyota GT86 could use Mazda MX-5 platform
While I will agree on the RX-8 was designed made before the NC. The new ND MX-5 has been engineered much lighter and has Zero capacity to increase power to weight and size without major upgrades of all suspension (hang on) parts. Somehow I don't think Mazda wants to go down this path, unless they ar...
June 21, 2015
Chris Evans to host the new Top Gear, filming will start in a few weeks
Is this the same Chris Evans who does/did copy for EVO mag?, the one who said an MX-5 does not handle very well, I think it is?
June 17, 2015
Top Gear last extended episode trailer released [video]
May and Hammond were still contracted to host all of series 22, so they have to do it or face liabilities. Dope head Clarkson was sacked (dismissed) by his employer (BBC), they quite rightly want what they payed May and Hammond for, the BBC is a tax payer funded network.
June 10, 2015
Mazda highlights the MX-5's weight distribution [video]
Good to see MNAO using the same car rack for the 50:50 test they did on the old (2005-2015 NC MX-5) model, same results.Although the suspension is the same design as the NC, Mazda have finally made a easy to separated 3 bolt Rear Wheel Bearing Hub (no more pressing out or rear wheel bearings). All n...
May 29, 2015
General Motors refused Sergio Marchionne's merger proposal with FCA
Something is suss about this guy always trying to hawk off FCA, why is he so persistent trying to do deals with any brand that will listen, what is really happening here.?. Looking a little old now Sergio since the hair dye has washed out.
May 26, 2015
Fifteen temporary speed cameras raised 4.7M GBP in UK
School zones in Australia are 25 KPH (15 MPH), if you exceeded the limit by over 5 KPH and a mobile camera is present the fine would be about $400 in the mail plus 2 demerit point loss on drivers licence.Fixed, Mobile, hand held, Redlight, Redlight plus Greenlight Speed Cameras are everywhere in Au...
May 18, 2015
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