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2015 Volkswagen Jetta facelift confirmed for New York
I've always liked the Jetta, until the current version was launched. I found that extremely dull-looking. Now it seems to be getting a US-Passat face. But the US Passat is not selling as well now either. If Ford is smart it should launch its new ESCORT in the US pretty-damn quick to take advantage...
April 2, 2014
Ex F1 doctor thinks 'really bad news' about Schu coming
Pessimistic or realistic..? Some believe Elvis Presley is still alive! Keep believing
March 26, 2014
Ex F1 doctor thinks 'really bad news' about Schu coming
I wonder what the outcome would have been if Shumacher was NOT put into an induced coma?
March 26, 2014
Accessing Renault Twingo’s battery and washer fluid is a bit tricky [video]
Ruins an otherwise promising car! It really needs a locking mechanism or find your battery stolen. Also why no boot space in the front if rear-engined?
March 20, 2014
2015 Jaguar XJ spied next to the current model
What changes...??? But they appear to have kept its most horrendous feature - that black plastic panel on the C-pillar to give the rear window a "wrap-around" look!
March 19, 2014
Experts say Schumacher recovery now unlikely
Experts...?? They put him in an induced coma and now cannot wake him from it!! (...a bit like a "mechanic" that takes your car apart, then cannot put it back together again!)... Doesn't sound like experts to me!
March 12, 2014
2014 Toyota Aygo first pics hit the web
Hate to say this but I initially quite like this with its "Ninja-Turtle" look...
March 3, 2014
MINI reveals near-production Clubman concept
Good effort... except for those rear lamps (IMO)
February 26, 2014
Doctors stop trying to wake Schumacher - report
The guy was alive and injured. Not sure I understand the logic of putting him in an induced coma. Now the guy is practically dead. Would the medics follow the same procedure second time around? - I doubt it!
February 25, 2014
Brazil could bend the rules to keep Volkswagen Kombi alive
Hope VW builds a new retro-styled one, like this: http://goo.gl/Nq6V8g
December 29, 2013
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