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Oct 06, 14
Volkswagen’s latest ad puts Captain Kirk in E-Golf and Mr. Spock in XL1 [video]
The Volkswagen e-Golf and XL1 are being showcased in a new ad that has a Star Trek theme.
Aug 17, 14
Volkswagen plotting four-seat XL1 - report
British media is reporting Volkswagen is currently working on a larger four-seat version of the XL1.
Oct 23, 13
Volkswagen slaps 110,000 EUR price tag on the XL1 in Germany
Volkswagen has announced the XL1 will carry a starting price of 110,000 EUR in Germany.
Jul 09, 13
Volkswagen XR1 with Golf GTI engine planned - report
Volkswagen is allegedly working on a GTI-powered version of the XL1. Could cost 40,000 GBP.
May 28, 13
Volkswagen to probably offer XL1 only as a lease
Volkswagen will most likely offer the frugal XL1 only as a lease. No pricing information available yet.
Mar 05, 13
Volkswagen XL1 arrives in production form in Geneva [video]
Volkswagen has introduced in Geneva the XL1 which is advertised as the most efficient production car in the world.
Feb 21, 13
Volkswagen Up! Hybrid announced with XL1's powertrain
Volkswagen will use the XL1's powertrain for the Up! Hybrid due in about two years.
Feb 21, 13
Volkswagen confirms XL1 technical details
Volkswagen has released technical details about the ultra-frugal XL1 scheduled to arrive at Geneva Motor Show.
Jan 17, 13
Volkswagen XL1 poses for the camera
The Volkswagen XL1 has been spied once again by our photographers, ahead of this year's possible launch.
Sep 10, 12
Volkswagen XL1 spied once again
A prototype of the Volkswagen XL1 has been spied. Production version due in 2013.
Mar 22, 12
Volkswagen XL1 prototype spied in action [video]
This past weekend, the very first pictures of a prototype for the new Volkswagen XL1 were presented right here on WCF. We can now bring you the very first video of the brand new model in motion.
Mar 18, 12
Volkswagen XL1 prototype caught completely undisguised
The long-awaited 1-liter car has finally been confirmed for production and here are the first shots of a prototype testing to prove it.
Feb 03, 12
Volkswagen XL1 coming in 2013 - report
According to a recent report, Volkswagen will introduce a production version of the XL1 concept in 2013. It will be an advanced plug-in diesel-electric hybrid.
Aug 29, 11
Audi Urban Concept out in the wild - more photos
Audi releases more images of the Urban Concept - this time showing the electric minicar in its natural environment.
Aug 17, 11
Audi reveals Spyder variant sketches of Urban Concept
Spyder variant of the Audi Urban Concept will likely debut at the Frankfurt motor show next month too.
Aug 10, 11
Audi Urban Concept EV sketches revealed [video]
Concept is an open-wheel, 1+1 urban electric cruiser that employs Audi's e-tron technology.
Aug 08, 11
Audi City E-tron Concept spied in Berlin
City E-tron Concept is the spiritual successor of the Volkswagen L1 Concept which debuted in Frankfurt in 2009.
Jan 28, 11
VW will take XL1 to production for a limited run [video]
Super-efficient XL1 will be taken to production by 2013 and sold in Europe, the United States and China.