Vladimir Antonov

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Jul 06, 11
Zagato sold to Spyker owner
After picking up Spyker and Bowler Off Road, Vladimir Antonov's CPP has acquired Italian design house Zagato. Details inside.
Apr 18, 11
Saab gets a lifeline
Saab has been given a financial lifeline as the Swedish government has signed off on plans which will allow the company to sell their real estate holdings to Russian investor Vladimir Antonov.
Apr 08, 11
Saab suppliers getting nervous as debts mount
Swedish automaker forced to halt production this week as it is unable to pay its suppliers.
Apr 01, 11
Saab nearing the financial abyss - report
Spyker Cars NV is warning that Saab may have an uncertain future if they do not secure new funding.
Mar 10, 11
Saab in danger of bankruptcy - report
It sounds like déjà vu all over again as a new report is indicating that Saab is in danger of going bankrupt.
Feb 24, 11
Spyker to sell off sports car division
Find out how much the Spyker brand is worth, and what the deal means for the C8 Aileron, D8 Peking-to-Paris and Saab, inside.