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May 06, 13
Usain Bolt takes delivery of the Nissan GT-R Spec Bolt
Usain Bolt has taken delivery of an exclusive GT-R Spec Bolt. It features a gold exterior and a white interior with a Bose audio system.
Dec 14, 12
Nissan 'Bolt Gold' GT-R raises 193,191 USD
Nissan managed to raise a total of 193,191 USD after the online charity auction organized on eBay from November 22 to December 4.
Nov 19, 12
Nissan 'Bolt Gold' GT-R auction starts on Thursday [video]
The Nissan "Bolt Gold" GT-R eBay auction will start on Thursday and end on December 2, 2012.
Oct 11, 12
Nissan & Usain Bolt create a one-off GT-R for charity
Nissan has teamed up with Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt to create a one-off GT-R. It will be auctioned on eBay later this month.
May 01, 09
World's Fastest Man Usain Bolt Crashes BMW M3
2008 Olympic star Usain Bolt had an accident in the BMW M3 he was given as a gift by his sponsors last November. The 100m and 200m champion escaped with only minor injuries.