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Aug 15, 14
The Stig goes bungee jumping with Lotus F1 car [video]
After stealing a 2013-spec Lotus Formula 1 car, The Stig decided to try out bungee jumping.
Jan 23, 14
The Stig 'helps' Google put Top Gear track on Street View, now available [video]
Google and The Stig joined forces to upload the famous Top Gear circuit on Google Street View.
Oct 11, 13
Race against The Stig's digital cousin in Forza Motorsport 5
The upcoming release of Forza Motorsport 5 gives racing fans across the world a unique opportunity – Test your racing skills against the all conquering Stig!!
Oct 09, 13
Former Stig Ben Collins reveals his Top Gear secrets
Ben Collins has revealed some new details about his experience as the Stig on Top Gear.
Oct 04, 13
Ex-Stig Ben Collins in an Audi RS 6 battles parkour ace in paint-ball fight [videos]
Starring Ben Collins, famous for playing Top Gear's tame race car driver The Stig, and parkour expert Damien Walters, this video pits the odd couple against each other in a battle of paintball.
Jul 22, 13
Top Gear's Stig revealed?
The identity of the Stig has been a closely guarded secret ever since the Ben Collins debacle, but a new report is indicating who the mysterious man in white might be.
Jan 24, 12
Top Gear celebrate 10 millionth facebook fan! Blows up caravan [video]
Presenters Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have stayed away on this occasion, but who better to set the charges than The Stig.
Nov 09, 11
Ken Block meets the Stig in the land down under [video]
Top Gear Australia magazine puts two famed drivers in the 2011 Ford Falcon FPV GT-P for some smoking action.
Oct 06, 11
The Stig does the M5 [video]
Top Gear driver does a little drifting here and there with the 2012 BMW F10 M5.
Jun 24, 11
Top Gear season 17 preview - the boys are back
Series 17 of the popular BBC2 program Top Gear begins airing on Sunday June 26.
Apr 04, 11
The Stig donuts in a London Taxi while Clarkson allegedly cheats on wife [video]
The Stig does donuts before a crowd on a city street in a modified London Taxi Cab during the Top Gear Festival 2011.
Jan 18, 11
Next Top Gear series coming - Jeremy and the Fat Man? [video]
Video and promotional photos released for Season 16 of BBC2's Top Gear series - the gang is up to its usual antics of stunts, explosions and heavy sarcasm.
Nov 08, 10
A new Stig is born [video]
As a new season approaches, Top Gear has selected a replacement for Ben Collins.
Sep 29, 10
The Stig strikes out on his own
Former Stig Ben Collins has some ideas for a new show that were "too crazy" for Top Gear. Ben Collins will also be releasing an autobiography soon called The Man in the White Suit: The Stig, Le Mans, ...
Sep 07, 10
Female Stig with Pink overalls - Clarkson will love that one
U.K. bookies have started taking action on whether or not the new Stig will be a woman. See the odds inside.
Aug 30, 10
The Stig gets the sack - report
Ben Collins is out at Top Gear; does that mean the White Stig will die? Find out more inside.
Aug 23, 10
Who is The Stig? Emerging evidence allegedly confirms previous reports
Former Formula 3 driver Ben Collins is the best suspect. The Sunday Times believes Collins is, indeed, the Stig after having looked over financial records from his company which reported income from t...
Aug 19, 10
Top Gear face legal fight to keep The Stig ID secret
Stig apparently writing an autobiography. BBC claims it is part of his contract to maintain his secret identity and says it will pursue legal action against him. It may all be just for fun.
Jul 27, 10
Top Gear: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport top speed run and Stig track lap [video]
Find out what happens when Top Gear's Stig takes the World's Fastest Production Car around the test track inside.
Nov 27, 09
Stig Approved: Caterham Superlight R500 - for £19.50
Caterham Cars releases remote control version of R500 to fit under the Christmas tree
Oct 26, 09
Ultima Claims Top Gear Lap Record Without Their Permission
Ultima Sports is claiming a lap record on the Top Gear test track, whether Top Gear likes it or not. Details and video inside.
Oct 16, 09
The Stig gets Arrested!!
Mystery driver for the top rated Top Gear has been taken into custody by Irish police - allegedly. Top Gear is reporting that the Stig has been arrested but they are cetainly making light of it.
Jun 21, 09
The Stig is Officially Revealed
BBC Topgear has finally revealed the identity of the man known only as The Stig. In this episode of the show the most famous racing driver of our time appears from under the white helmet and smiles at...
Feb 05, 09
Black Stig Returns from the Dead
Is BBC Topgear getting ready to welcome back the black Stig? A video shows a man dressed up as the black Stig walking out of the sea. It may be a hoax, it may be not.
Jan 22, 09
The Stig is Revealed
Rampant speculation about The Stig's identity has led to a confirmation from insiders at Top Gear. The truth may terrify you.
Jan 19, 09
The Stig Revealed as Ben Collins - Once Again?
One of the key elements to Top Gear is the secret and silent Stig, but it appears the veil of secrecy has been lifted due to an art gallery owner and a builder who have revealed his identity as Ben Co...