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Nov 07, 14
Audi Quattro from Ashes to Ashes being auctioned off on eBay
The 1983 Audi Quattro from the BBC's Ashes to Ashes is up for auction on eBay.
Jul 11, 14
Audi builds their six-millionth model with quattro all-wheel drive
The six millionth Audi with quattro all-wheel drive has rolled off the assembly line in Ingolstadt, Germany.
Feb 11, 14
Audi Chief Technical Officer reveals new details about the Sport Quattro
Audi Chief Technical Officer Ulrich Hackenberg has revealed some new details about the highly anticipated quattro revival.
Dec 11, 13
Audi Quattro could have a turbocharged five-cylinder engine with 340-360 HP - report
Audi recently introduced a Sport Quattro concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show and new details are starting to emerge about the long-rumored production model which is slated to be launched in 2015.
Aug 09, 13
Updated Audi Quattro concept will be based on the A6 - report
The Frankfurt Motor Show is just a couple of weeks away and new details are starting to emerge about the Audi Quattro concept.
Dec 20, 12
Audi to upgrade its 5-cylinder engine to catch up with AMG - report
Audi is working on its 5-cylinder, 2.5-liter gasoline engine to catch up with AMG's 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter turbo.
Aug 07, 12
Audi explains the racing heritage of the TT RS [video]
German carmaker Audi tries to make a connection between the 5-cylinder Quattro and the hot new TT RS.
Jul 01, 11
Audi Quattro Concept decision due in Sept.
Get the full scoop on the Audi Quattro Concept's development, potential engine, and features which could take shape in the production vehicle by 2013. Details inside.
Apr 04, 11
Audi Quattro concept headed for production - report
The Audi Quattro concept is on the cusp of production as a new report is indicating the company has built an engineering prototype for executive testing.
Jan 26, 11
Audi A3 in the deep freezer [video]
Audi A3 covered in ice after a broken water main and freezing temperatures conspire to deep freeze it.
Jan 12, 11
Audi A1 Quattro prototype teased
Audi has announced plans to add quattro all-wheel drive to future high performance A1 variants. Is this our first glimpse of the S1?
Nov 24, 10
Audi Quattro confirmed for production?
Civilian catches Quattro on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California where the Audi crew confirmed the model was going to production.
Oct 08, 10
Audi may take Quattro Concept to production - plan in the works
Production of the Audi Quattro would be limited to a very small series of between 200 and 500 units. Audi engineers are developing a production as the automaker considers whether to bring the Quattro ...
Oct 01, 10
Audi Quattro Concept rally model in Paris
The future of racing, as envisioned by the engineers behind the Audi Quattro Concept. What does the racing model have that the main concept does not? Find out inside.
Sep 29, 10
Audi quattro concept surprises in Paris [video]
Audi has pulled the wraps of the stunning quattro concept which pays homage to thirty years of all-wheel drive.
Feb 15, 10
Audi Celebrates 30th Anniversary of quattro
Audi is celebrating 30 years of quattro in 2010. Several events and exhibitions are planned to commemorate this great name.
Feb 15, 10
Audi RS 6 Sport and RS 6 Exclusive Limited Editions Announced
Like the standard RS 6, power comes from a twin-turbo V10 with 426 kW (580 hp) and 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) of torque.