New Jersey grand prix

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Oct 24, 12
Red Bull could rescue New York's F1 race
Red Bull, the Austrian energy drink and championship-winning F1 team owner, could be the saviour of the embattled New York grand prix. Bernie Ecclestone has reportedly told a motor racing website ...
Oct 19, 12
2014 delay for New York race set for Friday confirmation
Next year's inaugural New York grand prix is definitely off, the Jersey Journal reports. Bernie Ecclestone has said consistently of late that the New Jersey race, scheduled to take place on the st...
Jun 25, 12
New Jersey F1 street race 'definitely' off for 2013 - Ecclestone
Bernie Ecclestone has, for a third time, questioned the viability of next year's scheduled New Jersey street race. Organisers have consistently sounded puzzled by the F1 chief executive's continua...
Jun 06, 12
Sebastian Vettel to drive New Jersey F1 circuit in an Infiniti IPL G coupe
F1's new future in America moved up a gear this week. We reported on Tuesday that reigning and back-to-back world champion Sebastian Vettel will appear on David Letterman's iconic New York talksho...
Apr 06, 10
F1 to shed races to make room for new ones - Ecclestone
F1 will shed some of its current races to make room for New York and Russia, according to Bernie Ecclestone.