Max Mosley

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Jan 7th, 11
Mosley takes media privacy crusade to human rights court
Max Mosley's crusade against newspapers breaching personal privacy will head next week to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
Dec 24th, 10
Red Bull asks for cost agreement exception - Mosley
Red Bull might have broken the F1 teams' cost saving agreement, according to former FIA president Max Mosley.
Dec 6th, 10
Ferrari title loss is 'one less problem' for F1 - Mosley
Max Mosley has admitted he is "happy" Ferrari and Fernando Alonso did not win the 2010 world championship.
Dec 4th, 10
Race calendar becoming too long for F1 - Mosley
A 20-race calendar is too long for formula one, according to former FIA president Max Mosley.
Dec 2nd, 10
Ecclestone blames Mosley for new teams' 'problems'
Bernie Ecclestone has changed his tune about formula one's newest teams.
Oct 29th, 10
Mosley denies Todt coup reports and F1 comeback
Max Mosley has played down reports he is preparing an attempt to return to power at F1's governing body FIA.
Oct 28th, 10
Not all of F1 worried about life after Ecclestone
Ross Brawn has revealed he is worried about F1's future without Bernie Ecclestone.
Oct 19th, 10
Mosley preparing Todt attack and 'comeback' - report
Former FIA president Max Mosley is preparing to launch a "comeback", according to an Italian report.
Aug 26th, 10
Mosley admits F1 return for Briatore 'possible'
Max Mosley admits it is "quite possible" Flavio Briatore is gearing up to return to formula one.
Aug 25th, 10
Mosley tips leader Webber to win 2010 title
Mark Webber has been tipped to still have his championship lead when the chequered flag waves at the end of November's 2010 season finale.
Aug 25th, 10
Ferrari drivers must be punished too - Mosley
It would not be adequate to only penalise Ferrari at next month's World Motor Sport Council disciplinary hearing.
Aug 23rd, 10
Ferrari deserve 'severe punishment' - Mosley
Ferrari should receive a significant sporting sanction for breaking the rules at Hockenheim, according to the controversial former president of F1's governing body.
Jun 3rd, 10
Mosley blames Webber for Vettel collision
As Red Bull drew a line under the matter on Thursday, former FIA president Max Mosley waded into the debate about the collision between Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel in Turkey.
May 29th, 10
Ferrari wanted to fix F1 appeal outcome - Mosley
Ferrari insists it would only "waste time" to respond to Max Mosley's latest controversial claim.
Apr 23rd, 10
FIA presidency was 'beyond' Vatanen - Mosley
Max Mosley was relieved at the outcome of last year's FIA presidency elections, because he thinks the job was "completely beyond" Ari Vatanen.
Apr 21st, 10
Briatore not interested in making up with Mosley
Flavio Briatore has revealed he has no intention of attempting to reconcile his broken relationship with former F1 colleague Max Mosley.
Apr 20th, 10
Haug applauds F1's peace in new Todt era
Norbert Haug on Tuesday is quoted as applauding the better environment in formula one this year.
Apr 6th, 10
Coulthard urges F1 to hold fire on rule changes
Despite recently slamming F1's boring new formula, David Coulthard now insists the constant sniping about the sport's dubious spectacle is "getting a little wearing".
Mar 21st, 10
Stoddart has 'no time' for F1 team return
Even with Max Mosley gone and a new era of small teams dawning, Paul Stoddart seems unlikely to mount a return to the formula one paddock.
Feb 28th, 10
Mosley, Fernandes back Branson over Ferrari outburst
Tony Fernandes and Max Mosley have backed Sir Richard Branson against Ferrari's outburst about new teams in formula one.
Feb 24th, 10
Media hits back after Ferrari's 'withering attack'
A column posted on Ferrari's official website on Tuesday caused more than a few raised eyebrows within the international media.
Feb 24th, 10
Ferrari launches bitter attack on new teams
Ferrari has launched another bitter attack on formula one's four new teams.
Feb 18th, 10
Mosley, Stewart, slam luge safety standards
F1's foremost champions of safety have slammed the governing body of the winter Olympic sport luge.
Dec 28th, 09
Todt says F1 still too expensive
Jean Todt has vowed to continue Max Mosley's efforts to reduce costs in formula one.
Dec 21st, 09
Montezemolo wants cost cuts but freer rules
Luca di Montezemolo insists Ferrari is not opposed to sensible cost cutting in formula one.
Dec 15th, 09
Mosley regrets not keeping carmakers in F1
Max Mosley thinks personal meetings with the bosses of the carmakers BMW and Toyota could have kept them in formula one.
Dec 14th, 09
Mosley slams 'guilty cheat' Briatore
Former FIA president Max Mosley has slammed Flavio Briatore for taking legal action against F1's governing body.
Oct 28th, 09
Todt - 'no problems' with Ferrari's Montezemolo
Jean Todt has played down reports his new relationship with Ferrari might be a tetchy one.
Oct 21st, 09
Vatanen withdraws FIA legal action
Ari Vatanen on Tuesday agreed to end legal action against the FIA.
Oct 19th, 09
Paris court confirms Briatore action to begin
Flavio Briatore's threat of legal action against the FIA was not an idol one, with a spokesman for the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris on Monday confirming the filed papers.