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May 08, 15
Porsche Macan interior overhauled by Carlex Design
The Porsche Macan has received an interior cabin makeover courtesy of Carlex Design from Poland.
May 05, 15
TOPCAR shows off their heavily customized Porsche Macan URSA Aurum
Russian tuner TOPCAR is presenting a Porsche Macan which has undergone a massive cosmetic revision both inside and out.
Apr 09, 15
Porsche to launch a hybrid Macan in one or two years
A new report indicates Porsche will introduce a hybrid version of its Macan SUV in the near future
Dec 17, 14
Porsche turns any car into a Macan with their Magic Mirror [video]
If you've always wondered what you'd look like behind the wheel of the Porsche Macan, you're in luck as the automaker has created a "magic mirror."
Oct 22, 14
Porsche confirms no 911 or Macan hybrids are coming
Porsche's hybrid powertrain manager Manfred Schurmann has confirmed the company has no immediate plans for hybrid versions of the 911 and the Macan
Oct 14, 14
Porsche Macan diesel coming to the U.S.
Porsche North America's Vice President of Marketing has confirmed the company will offer a diesel-powered Macan in the United States.
Oct 13, 14
Macan S Diesel fails moose test, Porsche promptly responds [video]
Swedish magazine Teknikens Värld has conducted a moose test with a Porsche Macan in S Diesel specification.
Sep 19, 14
Porsche seriously considering Macan S E-Hybrid, rules out three-door version
Porsche's SUV sales and marketing director Julian Baumann has told Motoring a plug-in hybrid version of the Macan is in the works.
Sep 05, 14
Porsche Macan gets the wide body treatment from German Special Customs
German Special Customs has released the first details about their upcoming styling program for the Porsche Macan.
Aug 07, 14
Porsche Macan gains a new Sport Design package
Porsche Tequipment has introduced several new styling options for the Macan. Highlights include a Sport Design package, a stainless steel four-tailpipe sports exhaust system and tinted bi-xenon headl...
Jul 22, 14
TechArt introduces first Porsche Macan upgrades
TechArt has released the first details about its upcoming tuning program for the Porsche Macan
Jul 05, 14
Possible Porsche Macan Turbo S spied testing at the Nurburgring [video]
A Macan Turbo prototype was spied recently on the Nürburgring, indicating a more potent "S" version is planned by Porsche.
Jun 11, 14
SpeedART returns with a new tuning program for the Porsche Macan
We haven't heard much from SpeedART since they filed for insolvency in 2013 but the company is back and previewing their upcoming tuning program for the Porsche Macan.
Apr 30, 14
First Porsche Macan crash comes from Poland
This is the first known crash of a 2014 Porsche Macan, which occurred in Poland last Friday
Apr 10, 14
Porsche Macan gets stuck during press event in Morocco, Dacia Duster comes to the rescue
A Porsche Macan got stuck in Morocco during a press event, but was eventually rescued by a more humble Dacia Duster.
Apr 01, 14
2015 Porsche Macan GTS spied undisguised
The 2015 Porsche Macan GTS has been spied completely undisguised. See the pictures inside
Mar 12, 14
Watch a massive Porsche Macan launch event in Barcelona [video]
A bunch of brand new Porsche Macans were filmed in Barcelona
Feb 27, 14
Three-door Porsche Macan digitally imagined
The Porsche Macan crossover has been envisioned by Theophilus Chin without the rear doors.
Feb 12, 14
Porsche Macan GTS under consideration, company annual sales to hit 200,000 units next year
Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller has acknowledged a more potent GTS version of the Macan crossover is being considered.
Dec 13, 13
Porsche won't offer a four-cylinder Macan in America, Macan S Diesel coming instead - report
According to a recent report, Porsche won't offer a four-cylinder Macan in the United States.
Dec 13, 13
Porsche shows how the Macan is built at Leipzig factory [video]
Porsche has released a video in which they showcase how the 2014 Macan crossover is being built at the company's Leipzig factory in Germany.
Nov 25, 13
Porsche Macan configurator now available, base model is 300 USD more expensive than base Cayenne
Porsche North America has uploaded the online configurator for the 2014 Macan crossover.
Nov 22, 13
Porsche Macan rendered without rear doors by X-Tomi Design
X-Tomi Design has axed the rear doors of the recently unveiled 2014 Porsche Macan through a new render.
Nov 20, 13
2014 Porsche Macan compact SUV launched at Los Angeles Auto Show
Porsche has introduced the 2014 Macan on the eve of the Los Angeles Auto Show. Initial range will comprise three models.
Nov 14, 13
Porsche shows the 2014 Macan at Weissach test track, interior revealed [video]
Porsche has released yet another teaser with the Macan, this time with footage taken at the Weissach test track.
Nov 11, 13
2014 Porsche Macan full specs leaked
The technical specifications sheet for the 2014 Porsche Macan has surfaced the web, offering full details about the sub-Cayenne crossover.
Nov 07, 13
2014 Porsche Macan exhaust note teased [video]
Porsche has released a teaser video that reveals the sound of the 2014 Macan.
Oct 31, 13
2014 Porsche Macan leaks out early
The first pictures of the 2014 Porsche Macan have hit the web a little early thanks to scans from an upcoming issue of Auto Motor und Sport.
Oct 31, 13
Porsche releases footage with 2014 Macan testing in California
Porsche has released new video footage with the 2014 Macan, this time undergoing some last-minute testing in California.
Oct 30, 13
2014 Porsche Macan returns in Dubai sand dune action [video]
Porsche has released new video footage with the 2014 Macan while tackling the sand dunes of Dubai.