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32 hours ago
Nissan Leaf Acenta+ introduced in the U.K.
Nissan has introduced the new Leaf Acenta+ in the United Kingdom. It features revised styling and a standard 6.6kW on-board charger.
Jun 30, 15
2016 Nissan Leaf to have a new battery and an increased range
According to a recent report, Nissan could unveil an updated Leaf as early as this August.
Sep 18, 14
Nissan engineers marry LEAF and Frontier to build the Sparky [video]
Meet the Nissan Sparky – a project from two Nissan engineers from the brand's Technical Center in Stanfield, Arizona
Sep 11, 14
2015 Venucia e30 unveiled in China, based on the Nissan Leaf
Based on the Nissan Leaf, the e30 has a familiar design but adopts a restyled front bumper and a hideous 'grille' that covers the charging port. Additional changes are limited but the car features a r...
May 07, 14
Next-generation Nissan Leaf to feature improved battery, mainstream styling - report
Nissan executive vice president Andy Palmer has revealed some new details about the next-generation Leaf.
Dec 04, 13
Nissan Leaf owner jailed for stealing five cents worth of electricity from a school
We've already known EV owners are hippies who were up to no good and it looks like Georgia's Chamblee Police Department has finally caught wind of their radical plans for social upheaval.
Mar 04, 13
2013 Nissan Leaf Euro-spec gets an early debut in Geneva
The Geneva Motor Show doesn't start until tomorrow morning, but that hasn't stopped Nissan from unveiling the Euro-spec Leaf.
Feb 27, 13
Nissan details 2013 Euro-spec Leaf electric vehicle
Nissan has released full details about the Euro-spec 2013 Leaf which will be built in Sunderland, UK.
Feb 22, 13
EPA-rated 2013 Nissan Leaf has a 75-mile range
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has rated the 2013 U.S.-spec Nissan Leaf with a 75-mile range.
Feb 15, 13
RobotCar is an iPad-controlled Nissan Leaf [videos]
A group of scientists from Oxford University have modified a Nissan Leaf to make it controllable via an iPad.
Jan 24, 13
Nissan Leaf Nismo confirmed for production
Nissan has officially confirmed a production version of the Leaf Nismo Concept. No added performance.
Jan 23, 13
Nissan slashes Leaf price in Europe by 3,000 EUR
Nissan has announced a significant 3,000 EUR price cut in Europe for the all-electric Leaf.
Dec 28, 12
Nissan Leaf warranty to cover battery capacity loss
Nissan has announced starting with spring 2013 they will offer a limited warranty on battery capacity loss.
Dec 20, 12
Nissan announces their Tokyo Auto Salon lineup
Nissan has announced plans to introduce a variety of models at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon.
Nov 28, 12
225 Nissan Leafs at Silverstone set Guinness World Record for largest EV parade
225 Nissan Leafs gathered on the Silverstone circuit to establish a new Guinness World Record.
Nov 20, 12
2013 Nissan Leaf unveiled with updated powertrain
Nissan has unveiled the 2013 Leaf in Japan. It features minor styling tweaks and an upgraded electric powertrain.
Oct 09, 12
Nissan Leaf NSC-2015 autonomous prototype unveiled
Essentially an autonomous vehicle, the NSC-2015 has a remote monitoring system that "recognizes the surrounding environment through use of an all-around view camera and 4th generation (4G) mobile comm...
Jul 02, 12
Nissan Leaf sets reverse record at Goodwood [videos]
The Nissan Leaf electric vehicle has set the record for fastest car traveling in reverse at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this past weekend.
Jun 25, 12
Nissan Leaf returning to Goodwood for high-speed reverse record attempt
Nissan has announced plans to attempt to set a new Guinness World Speed Record for driving up Goodwood hill in reverse.
Apr 12, 12
Next-generation Nissan Leaf to be cheaper, more attractive
The Nissan Leaf is the preeminent electric vehicle, but that hasn't stopped the model from being criticized for having awkward styling and a high price tag. Thankfully, that will change when the next-...
Dec 01, 11
Nissan Leaf Nismo Concept shows the power of aggression
The body kit comprises of rear under protector, rear diffuser, extended side sills,18-inch alloy wheels and a front aero bumper with integrated LED lights.
Oct 05, 11
Nissan unveils Leaf-loving home of the future [video]
Designed to be the perfect abode for Leaf owners, the NSH is meant to be part of a smart community that combines eco-friendliness with comfortable living.
Jul 19, 11
2012 Nissan Leaf upgraded for America
Not content to rest on their laurels, Nissan has announced a series of upgrades for the 2012 Leaf.
Jul 07, 11
Nissan Leaf denied backwards hill climb attempt at Goodwood
Attempting to set a new record for running up the Goodwood hill climb in reverse, the specially adapted Nissan Leaf was not allowed to run as officials deemed it unsafe due to a lack of testing.
Jun 23, 11
Nissan aiming for two new speed records
A Nissan Leaf will attempt to become the fastest vehicle to be driven up the Goodwood hill - backwards.
Jun 03, 11
Nissan Leaf a bust in the US?
The Nissan Leaf was recently named the World Car of the Year, but that doesn't seem to be helping sales in the United States. Details inside
May 31, 11
Nissan envisions a world powered by petrol [video]
An ad war is brewing as Nissan is attacking the Chevrolet Volt for using a petrol engine.
May 18, 11
Nissan Leaf NISMO RC electric racer on the track [video]
Nissan motorsport division testing the car on the track at the Sodegaura Forest Raceway and raise the possibility of future EV race competitions.
Apr 21, 11
Nissan Leaf named 2011 World Car of the Year
The Nissan Leaf has defeated the Audi A8 and BMW 5-Series to earn the title of 2011 World Car of the Year.
Apr 18, 11
Nissan Leaf NISMO RC electric race car for the New York auto show
The Leaf NISMO RC features an 80 kW (107 bhp / 109 PS) electric motor (AC synchronous) with 280 Nm (207 lb-ft) of torque.