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Jul 01, 14
Infintiti still considering an Emerg-E like sports car - report
Nissan Executive Vice President Andy Palmer has confirmed the company is still considering a sports car in the same vein as the Emerg-E concept.
May 13, 13
Infinity hybrid sports car on sale by 2016 - report
Infiniti will have on sale in 2016 a hybrid sports car, based on recent reports.
Jan 16, 13
Infiniti to add at least four new models in the next four years
Infiniti president says the company will introduce at least for new models within the next four years.
Jun 27, 12
Infiniti still considering a halo model, might not be the Emerg-E
Infiniti wants a halo model and many of us assumed it would be a production version of the Emerg-E concept.
Feb 06, 12
Infiniti considering GT-R-based sports car
The Infiniti brand currently has three or four proposals on the table for a new top of the range model. He also confirmed one of these is a GT-R based sports car.