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May 01, 14
Lamborghini Gallardo taken for a homemade Gymkhana run [video]
Most people complain exotic car owners don't drive their cars often enough or hard enough
Jan 30, 14
Ken Block's Gymkhana 6 receives a GoPro Edition [video]
Ken Block released the sixth installment in his action-packed Gymkhana series back in November last year but now the clip has received a GoPro Edition.
Jan 03, 14
Gymkhana 6 redone with R/C car [video]
Ken Block's sixth installment in the Gymkhana series has been recreated on a much smaller scale using a radio-controlled car.
Nov 11, 13
Ken Block tears up an obstacle course in Gymkhana 6 [video]
Following a preview earlier this month, Ken Block has officially unveiled Gymkhana Six: The Ultimate Grid Obstacle Course.
Oct 25, 13
Ken Box Gymkhana Parody [video]
Essentially a thinly veiled promo for the Razor Crazy Cart, this clever parody of Ken Block's Gymkhana freestyle rally video franchise is worth a watch.
Jan 23, 13
Ken Block Hoonigan Racing Division shows off their new livery and headquarters
Ken Block's Hoonigan Racing Division has unveiled their new headquarters and racing livery. Both look absolutely amazing.
Dec 21, 12
Ford gets into the holiday spirit with the Ken Block-inspired Snowkhana One [video]
Inspired by Ken Block's popular Gymkhana videos, Snowkhana One is a carefully choreographed masterpiece that features stop motion animation and "stuff found in a garage."
Jul 09, 12
Ken Block's Gymkhana 5 takes over San Francisco [video]
The freestyle rally video franchise continues with the streets of San Francisco turned into an urban playground for Mr. Block and his 600hp Ford Fiesta.
Aug 17, 11
Ken Block's Gymkhana 4 at Universal Studios [video]
See if you can spot all the film references and infamous movie sets as Ken Block takes his Gymkhana Ford Fiesta through the Universal Studios backlot.
Jul 21, 11
Let us count the donuts - Ken Block wins 'hooning title' again at Goodwood [video]
Block brought both his Gymkhana III Ford Fiesta and his Fiesta RS WRC to the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
Apr 05, 11
Truck drifting by Pikes Peak champion Mike Ryan [video]
Freightliner with almost 2,000 horsepower does its dance at the El Toro U.S. Marine base in California.
Dec 30, 10
Ken Block does a few tricks in his Ford Fiesta [video]
Video shows Monster World Rally driver doing more than just working - a donut around a screaming woman and a wild ride around a karting track in France.
Sep 07, 09
Ken Block and Rob Dyrdek in GYMKHANA 2.1
Driver Ken Block and skateboarder Rob Dyrdek show off some moves in a rally car, matched by a miniature version.