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Apr 14, 14
800 HP biturbo Gumpert Apollo hits Spa-Francorchamps [video]
The Gumpert Apollo is nothing new, but it always makes our hearts beat faster
Mar 07, 14
Photo appreciation: Gumpert Apollo receives red chrome wrap
The Augsburg-based tuning company 2M Designs presented its latest work - the Gumpert Apollo, wrapped in red and silver chrome
Mar 03, 14
Gumpert Explosion revealed with 420 bhp and all-wheel drive
After surviving a near brush with death, Gumpert is back and showing a new model at the Geneva Motor Show.
Aug 29, 13
Gumpert goes bust - report
A year after filing for insolvency, Gumpert has reportedly gone bust.
Mar 05, 13
Gumpert Apollo S duo arrives in Geneva
Gumpert is back in business and they've brought an Apollo S to the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.
Dec 18, 12
Gumpert Tornante production version leaked
The production version of the Gumpert Tornante has been revealed in patent drawings. Looking slightly revised.
Nov 13, 12
Gumpert recovers from insolvency, receives new Apollo orders
Insolvency administrator is convinced that Gumpert will continue "permanently and sustainably".
Aug 30, 12
Gumpert files for insolvency
August has been rough month for German automakers as Gumpert has joined Melkus by filing for a provisional insolvency.
Jul 02, 12
Gumpert Apollo crashes at Goodwood [videos]
A Gumpert Apollo drove into a sharp left handed turn a little too hot, broke traction, and drifted into the safety barrier with a fair amount of speed.
Mar 06, 12
Gumpert Apollo R and Apollo Enraged revealed in Geneva
Gumpert celebrated two world premieres at the Geneva Motor Show today with the purebred Apollo R race car and the street legal Apollo Enraged special edition.
Feb 25, 12
Gumpert tease again, two world debuts in Geneva
Gumpert has once again teased their super car for the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show and they have used the opportunity to confirm that they will actually debuting two models at the show.
Jan 04, 12
Gumpert teases mystery supercar for a second time
Gumpert has released a new teaser image of a mysterious supercar that will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.
Nov 25, 11
Gumpert teases new car for the Geneva Motor Show
Gumpert has announced plans to introduce a new vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show.
Mar 07, 11
800 horsepower Gumpert Apollo on the track at Monza [video]
Videographer goes for a ride inside the Gumpert Apollo as the 800 PS street-legal supercar, with the same amount of power as the race-only version, does its thing on the track.
Mar 01, 11
Gumpert Tornante by Touring unveiled in Geneva
The newest supercar from Gumpert manages to squeeze in 200 liters of cargo space. Details and photos inside.
Feb 24, 11
Gumpert Tornante teased again?
A mysterious new image has surfaced online which appears to show the Gumpert Tornante by Touring.
Feb 11, 11
Gumpert teases the Tornante by Touring
Featuring an attractive design by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, the bespoke Tornante is powered by a 4.2-liter biturbo V8 engine with 700 PS (515kW / 690 hp).
Jan 24, 11
Gumpert Tornante Fast Tourer set for Geneva debut
Gumpert has announced plans to introduce the new Tornante at the Geneva Motor Show.
Jul 01, 09
Gumpert Apollo Speed prototype spotted at the 'Ring
Spied on the Ring are these pictures of a Gumpert Apollo Sport prototype, featuring a few modifications. Will it make its way to Frankfurt? Geneva?
Mar 05, 09
Gumpert Apollo Speed Press Conference Video at Geneva Motor Show
Gumpert presents the new Apollo Speed at the Geneva Motor Show. It comes in a two-tone paint finish and its 8-cylinder biturbo engine cooks up 800hp and 900Nm.
Mar 04, 09
Gumpert Apollo Speed Debuts at Geneva - Photo Update
A new teaser image of the 800 hp Gumpert Apollo Speed has been released in advance of the car's Geneva debut. The Speed goes 0-200 km/h in under 9 seconds.