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Dec 26, 12
EU insurers can't use gender anymore to calculate premiums
EU's Gender Directive is now in full effect, following last year's EU Court of Justice ruling.
Dec 21, 12
European Union wants car makers to reduce noise levels
The European Union wants to adopt a new set of regulations to lower car noise levels by 50 percent before 2020.
Jul 08, 11
EU to Audi: No TDI trademark for you
Get the full story on Audi's legal battle TDI, and find out why an EU court refused Audi's trademark claim, inside.
Nov 04, 10
European Union testing 'Super Speed Cameras'
The EU has set aside €8.2 million ($11.6 / £7.2 million) to develop a camera system that will not only catch speeders but also tailgaters, polluters, unbelted occupants, and drivers traveling too fast...