EDAG Light Car concept

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Feb 22, 11
EDAG Light Car Sharing concept revealed ahead of Geneva debut
New concept take holistic approach to devising a new mobility scheme for zero emissions driving.
Jan 27, 10
EDAG Light Car Concept Next Evolution - Lightweight Space Frame Debut in Geneva
We have the first details of the second EDAG Light Car concept, scheduled for a Geneva debut. Photos and details inside.
Mar 05, 09
Geneva 2009: EDAG Light Car Concept in the Flesh & on Video
Engineering firm and concept car builder EDAG has officially unveiled their brand new Light Car concept at the Geneva Motor Show.
Jan 20, 09
EDAG Light Car Concept to Debut in Geneva
A futuristic concept car named the Light Car - Open Source is headed for a Geneva Motor Show debut. It's built by engineering services provider EDAG and features a very high degree of possible vehicle...