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Mar 24, 15
Mercedes unveils a C 63 DTM with MV Agusta livery
Mercedes-AMG recently bought a 25 percent stake in MV Agusta and the company is celebrating the news by unveiling a C 63 DTM with MV Agusta badging.
Oct 20, 14
Audi wins the DTM manufacturers championship with a 1-2-3 finish
BMW might be singing the praises of DTM Champion Marco Wittmann but that hasn't stopped Audi from pointing out they won the manufacturers’ championship with an impressive one-two-three victory in the ...
May 02, 14
BMW M4 Coupe DTM safety car unveiled
BMW has unveiled their new M4 Coupe DTM safety car.
Mar 31, 14
BMW shows off four new liveries for the M4 DTM
BMW has unveiled the four remaining liveries for the M4 DTM. See the cars inside
Mar 14, 14
BMW reveals three new liveries for the M4 DTM
BMW has unveiled three new livery designs for the M4 DTM.
Mar 04, 14
2014 Audi RS 5 DTM revealed in Geneva with aerodynamic styling tweaks
Audi has introduced the new RS 5 DTM at the Geneva Motor Show.
Feb 18, 14
BMW M4 DTM teased, enters competition later this year
BMW has released the first teaser image of the M4 DTM. It will enter competition at the Hockenheimring on May 4th.
Aug 19, 13
BMW M4 DTM announced
BMW has announced the M3 DTM will be replaced by a new M4 DTM. It will enter competition sometime next year.
Mar 05, 13
Audi RS 5 DTM makes a surprise debut in Geneva
In a surprise move, Audi has unveiled the RS5 DTM at the Geneva Motor Show.
Dec 05, 12
BMW M3 DTM Champion Edition announced
BMW has announced plans to celebrate Bruno Spengler's DTM drivers’ title by offering an M3 DTM Champion Edition.
Oct 18, 12
Coulthard retires from DTM
David Coulthard has called time on his premier motor racing career. The former McLaren and Red Bull driver, now 41, switched to the top German touring car category DTM after his 247-grand prix car...
Sep 18, 12
Paralympic gold medalist Zanardi eyes DTM with BMW
With fresh Paralympic gold around his neck, Alex Zanardi is eyeing the German touring car series DTM as his next goal. Since losing his legs in a 2011 crash, the former F1 driver has completed the...
Aug 28, 12
Four crew members injured after pit lane accident during DTM practice session [video]
Four pit crew members were injured during a DTM practice session last weekend in Holland.
Apr 27, 12
BMW celebrates their return to DTM racing [video]
After an absence of almost 20 years, BMW will to return to the DTM series at this weekend's Hockenheimring race.
Apr 25, 12
Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe Black Series announced as new DTM Safety Car
Mercedes-Benz has announced the C63 AMG Coupe Black Series will serve as one of the new German Touring Car Masters (DTM) Safety Car in 2012.
Mar 21, 12
Audi A5 DTMs revealed in racing livery
Five weeks ahead of the season opener at the Hockenheimring on April 29th, Audi has unveiled the livery designs for their A5 DTMs.
Mar 04, 12
2012 DTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupe explained by David Coulthard [video]
The Scot takes a moment to explain the main differences between the 2012 DTM Mercedes AMG C-Coupe and last year's AMG Mercedes C-Class sedan.
Mar 02, 12
Audi teases homologated A5 DTM racer
Only eight more weeks until the German DTM (touring car) season begins and Audi has teased the final homologated version of their A5 DTM racer car.
Jan 30, 12
BMW M3 DTM revealed in Castrol EDGE livery
We've already seen the BMW M3 DTM in matte black and M Performance livery, but here's our first look at the model in Castrol EDGE guise.
Jan 19, 12
2012 BMW M3 DTM safety car revealed
BMW is celebrating their return to DTM racing by unveiling a new M3 safety car.
Sep 13, 11
Mercedes DTM AMG C-Coupe debuts in Frankfurt [video]
Designed to battle the Audi A5 and BMW M3 DTM, the C-Coupe has a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, a high-strength steel roll cage and six energy-absorbing crumple zones.
Sep 13, 11
Audi A5 DTM revealed
The A5 DTM racer is powered by a V8 unit with an output of 340 kW (460 PS / 454 hp) mated to a new six-speed racing gearbox.
Sep 08, 11
Mercedes C-Class DTM Coupe coming to Frankfurt [video]
Mercedes has released the first teaser video of the 2012 DTM AMG C-Coupe. See the footage inside
Jul 25, 11
BMW M3 DTM Concept official video introduction [video]
The M3 DTM Concept Car marks BMW's return to DTM racing after an absence of 20 years.
Jul 15, 11
BMW M3 DTM Concept Car officially revealed [videos]
BMW pulled the covers off their M3 DTM race car today which is set to do battle with fellow German rivals Audi and Mercedes-Benz in 2012.
Jul 15, 11
Audi A5 DTM concept previewed
Audi has released the first renderings of the A5 DTM, ahead of its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
Jul 08, 11
BMW M3 DTM concept spied during testing
New spy pics of the BMW M3 DTM concept car were caught during track testing in northern Germany. Details inside.
Apr 28, 11
Mercedes C63 AMG DTM Safety Car revealed [video]
Mercedes has unveiled the new C63 AMG Safety Car for the 2011 DTM racing season. Details inside
Mar 11, 11
Six BMW M3s to take on Audi and Mercedes in 2012 DTM
BMW Motorsport is developing an M3 DTM that will be raced by three outside teams in the 2012 DTM season.
Dec 13, 10
Audi unveils the new R18 racecar
Looking like a futuristic Batmobile, the R18 features carbon fiber bodywork, full LED headlights, and a closed cockpit.