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Dec 16, 14
Mysterious BMW prototype rumored to be a front-wheel drive Z2
Yesterday's mysterious BMW prototype continues to spawn debate but a new report is indicating the model is a mule for a new Z2 roadster.
Sep 01, 14
BMW to launch six front-wheel drive models including a Z2 roadster
According to a recent report, BMW will launch six front-wheel drive models by the end of 2017.
Jun 03, 14
2016/2017 BMW Z2 speculatively rendered
Well-known "automotive manipulator" Theophilus Chin has envisioned a very appealing look for BMW's rumored Z2.
May 08, 14
BMW Z2 roadster coming in 2016 or 2017 - report
Rumors about a BMW Z2 have been swirling for years but Car & Driver is reporting the model could finally be launched in 2016 or 2017.
Aug 15, 13
BMW Z2 coming in 2016 with front-wheel drive - report
BMW's modular UKL1 front-wheel drive platform will allegedly be the basis for the Z2 which is being considered as a spiritual successor of the Z3.
Jan 17, 13
BMW Z2 coming in 2015, M Performance variant possible - report
According to a recent report, BMW is considering an entry-level roadster in the same vein as the original Z3.
Jun 17, 11
BMW Z2 could be AWD, launch in 2014 - report
The upcoming BMW Z2 could be offered with all-wheel drive if a recent report is correct.
Apr 28, 11
BMW Z2 roadster could debut in 2014 - report
German car magazine Auto Bild says BMW is working on the model and offers up a few choice details.
Feb 09, 11
BMW will present new baby roadster concept in Geneva - report
BMW releases video highlighting its roadster tradition. The automaker will be bringing a new roadster concept, possibly called the Z2, to Geneva next month.
Apr 12, 10
BMW Z2 Prototype First Sighting in Laguna Beach, California
We have a pic, and a roundup of details, of the BMW Z2. Was a prototype spotted on the West Coast? Find out inside.
Aug 31, 09
Mini Coupe Platform to Underpin Future BMW/Toyota Models
In return for the MINI underpinnings, Toyota would give BMW access to the iQ platform which they would likely use for the upcoming i-Setta electric car.
Apr 29, 09
On-again, Off-again BMW Z2 Reportedly Heading for Frankfurt Unveiling
According to reports BMW will officially unveil a concept version of their on-again, off-again Z2 roadster at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.
Mar 10, 09
BMW Developing 6-Series GT, Z2, 3 Series Supersports & New Mini Variant?
Lots of news about BMW today, including the possibility of a BMW GT 6 to rival the Porsche Panamera, a new BMW Z roadster, a Supersports version of the 3 Series, and a new MINI model.