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17 hours ago
BMW X5 by A.R.T. receives a wide body kit (45 photos)
German tuner A.R.T. has installed a beefy wide body kit on a third generation BMW X5.
May 12, 15
BMW 1-Series, 2-Series, 3-Series, 4-Series and X5 get new engines, upgrades for other models
BMW has announced a massive model upgrade that will be effective from the summer of this year
Apr 10, 15
Prospective buyer crashes BMW X5 during a test drive in Russia
A BMW X5 xDrive test drive in Russia has ended with a serious crash caused by the driver
Mar 21, 15
BMW shows off X5 with M Performance parts [video]
BMW UK has released a new video with the third generation X5 equipped with M Performance parts.
Jan 30, 15
BMW details X5M and X6M in new extensive hi-res gallery (185 photos)
BMW has released a new mega gallery depicting the X5M and the X6M, revealed in October last year
Oct 23, 14
BMW X5 Concept eDrive spotted in Paris
The BMW X5 Concept eDrive has been photographed cruising the streets of Paris, France
Oct 15, 14
BMW celebrates the 15th anniversary of the X5
BMW is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the X5 by taking a look back at the popular model.
Sep 24, 14
BMW highlights the Concept X5 eDrive [video]
BMW has released a new promotional video that highlights the Concept X5 eDrive.
Aug 18, 14
BMW X5 Security Plus to debut at the Moscow Motor Show
BMW has announced plans to introduce the X5 Security Plus at the Moscow Motor Show.
Jul 22, 14
Kelleners Sport tunes the BMW X5 to 527 PS
Kelleners Sport has introduced their new tuning program for the BMW X5. It features a variety of styling and performance upgrades.
May 17, 14
Driver blames bee for flipping his first-gen BMW X5
Police in Ashland, Massachusetts is reporting the driver of a first generation BMW X5 flipped his vehicle because of a bee.
May 16, 14
Third-gen BMW X5 fully modified by Hamann
Hamann has released an extensive customization program for the third generation BMW X5 (F15).
Apr 30, 14
BMW to unveil a paramedic version of the M235i Coupe at RETTmobil 2014
BMW has unveiled their lineup of emergency vehicles for RETTmobil 2014. The company will showcase everything from a R 1200 RT motorcycle to a paramedic version of the M235i Coupe.
Apr 10, 14
BMW unveils the updated Concept X5 eDrive
BMW has unveiled the updated Concept X5 eDrive, ahead of its debut at the New York Auto Show.
Mar 31, 14
First X5 (F15) with M Performance kit exhibited at BMW Abu Dhabi Motors
BMW Abu Dhabi Motors is exhibiting yet another special car, the world's first X5 (F15) equipped with the M Performance package.
Mar 03, 14
AC Schnitzer bringing full custom kit for third-gen BMW X5 to Geneva
AC Schnitzer will be bringing to Geneva this week a fully customized 2014 BMW X5.
Feb 20, 14
BMW X5 plug-in hybrid prototype revealed, will go into production soon
BMW has announced plans to offer an X5 plug-in hybrid. It will feature a TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder petrol engine, an electric motor and an xDrive all-wheel drive system.
Dec 18, 13
Prior Design dresses up the previous BMW X5 in a wide aero body kit
Prior Design has created a wide aerodynamic body kit for the previous generation BMW X5.
Nov 28, 13
2014 BMW X5 receives M Performance goodies
The third generation of the BMW X5 will be available from next spring with a rich collection of M Performance parts.
Sep 19, 13
2014 BMW X5 & 4-Series Coupe gain new engines
BMW has announced plans to offer several new engines in the 2014 X5 and 4-Series Coupe.
Aug 30, 13
2014 BMW X5 Individual announced
BMW has introduced their range of Individual accessories for the 2014 X5. Notable highlights include exclusive paint, premium Merino leather upholstery and special trim.
Aug 05, 13
2014 BMW X5 enters production
The first 2014 BMW X5 has rolled off the assembly line in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It was an X5 M50d which is destined for a European dealer.
Jun 25, 13
2014 BMW X5 priced from 53,725 USD
BMW has announced the 2014 X5 has a starting price of 53,725 USD (including 925 USD destination charges).
Jun 18, 13
See the 2014 BMW X5 in two additional live photos
The third generation of the BMW X5 has been spotted in the metal once again, this time in Munich.
Jun 13, 13
BMW X5 transformed into a pickup
A BMW dealership in Australia transformed a first-gen pre-facelift X5 (E53) into pickup.
Jun 10, 13
2014 BMW X5 M Sport spotted in the metal
A 2014 BMW X5 fitted with the M Sport package has been photographed by a BimmerPost member.
Jun 06, 13
BMW does a side-by-side comparison of all three X5 generations [video]
BMW has decided to conduct a side-by-side comparison with all three generations of the X5.
Jun 03, 13
BMW takes a closer look at the 2014 X5 [video]
BMW has released an additional video showcasing the recently introduced 2014 X5 which will go on sale in November.
May 30, 13
2014 BMW X5 M Sport revealed
BMW has released the first pictures of the 2014 X5 with the M Sport package.