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Apr 20, 14
Bentley Hybrid Concept officially unveiled in Beijing
Bentley is providing a preview of its greener lineup with the Hybrid Concept currently being showcased at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show.
Jan 08, 14
Bentley CEO confirms plans for a hybrid SUV, hybrid powertrain to be offered across the lineup
Bentley CEO Dr Wolfgang Schreiber has revealed some new details about the company's upcoming crossover.
Jan 16, 13
Bentley CEO reaffirms commitment to plug-in hybrids, dismisses diesel engines
Bentley CEO Wolfgang Schreiber has reaffirmed his commitment to offering a plug-in hybrid powertrain in an upcoming model.
Aug 20, 12
Bentley CEO confirms SUV plus diesel and hybrid engines - report
Outgoing Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer has revealed the company is looking to become more environmentally friendly.
Jan 16, 12
Bentley CEO reveals hybrid plans, says crossover will be large
A few months ago, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer confirmed plans to offer a plug-in hybrid. Now, new details are starting to emerge about the eco-friendly powertrain.
Aug 26, 11
Bentley CEO confirms plug-in hybrid plans
In a recent interview, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer revealed the company will introduce a plug-in hybrid powertrain.