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Aug 17, 11
Saab won't be at Frankfurt - report
Saab says it is concentrating on getting production re-started at its Trollhattan plant in Sweden.
Mar 10, 11
Saab in danger of bankruptcy - report
It sounds like déjà vu all over again as a new report is indicating that Saab is in danger of going bankrupt.
Nov 01, 10
Pontiac is dead after 84 years
GM's agreement with Pontiac dealers ended on October 31st - the Pontiac brand was killed last year during GM's bankruptcy.
Jun 17, 10
USF1 auction raises $1.4m for creditors
The auction of the abortive formula one team USF1's assets has raised $1.4 million.
Dec 30, 09
GM Slashing Prices on Pontiacs and Saturns
A steep price cut on Pontiac and Saturn vehicles is being offered to help GM clear out stock. Would you buy one? Details inside.
Jul 14, 09
GM says goodbye to 54 sponsorship contracts
In a bid to cut a tremendous amount of costs, GM has won approval to cut over 50 corporate sponsorship contracts. What iconic displays will disappear?
May 29, 09
GM to File for Bankruptcy on Monday, U.S. will still Invest Additional $30 billion
General Motors is reported to be finally filing for Chapter 11 this coming Monday. But not before the US government lends one of America's previously most dominant companies of the past 100 years an e...
Apr 27, 09
GM Confirms Pontiac Phase Out by 2010 - 21,000 jobs cut
GM will reduce its dealer network by 42 percent to just 3,600 from the over 6,000 dealers it had in 2008. The automaker will be cutting its hourly work force down to 40,000 employees - a shadow of the...
Feb 20, 09
Saab files for reorganisation under Swedish law
GM will be spinning off Saab as an independent business as of January 1st 2010. Reorganization will provide the automaker with legal protection from creditors as it attempts a restructuring. Saab is s...
Feb 19, 09
Saab 10 days from bankruptcy
GM says Saab is just ten days away from bankruptcy, and they want half a billion dollars from the Swedish government to keep it running. The Swedish government says, "no."
Dec 02, 08
General Motors unveils restructuring plan
GM says it will focus on four core brands, Chevy, Cadillac, GMC and Buick, and will sell Saab and Hummer. The company says it will need 12 billion US dollars to see it through 2009 and 6 billion more ...