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Jun 21, 15
Audi Q6 will eventually receive plug-in hybrid and hydrogen versions
A new report indicates the Audi Q6 will also gain plug-in hybrid and hydrogen derivatives later during its life cycle.
Jun 08, 15
Audi Q6 concept reportedly heading to Frankfurt Motor Show
A new report indicates Audi will bring a Q6 concept (name not confirmed) to the Frankfurt Motor Show programmed for September.
Apr 22, 15
Audi says Q6 will be sexy and sporty; confirmed for 2018 release
Audi has characterized the fully electric Q6 as "sexy" and "sporty" while being "packed with utility."
Mar 13, 15
Audi Q6 e-tron to have up to 500 bhp of electric power
British media has managed to acquire some spicy details about the Audi Q6 e-tron scheduled to come out in 2018.
Mar 10, 15
All-electric Audi Q6 teased, Q8 flagship reconfirmed
Audi has released the first official rendering depicting the Q6 all-electric SUV
Jan 25, 15
Audi Q6 rendered as BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe rival
Theophilus Chin has created a virtual competitor for the BMW X6 and the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, called the Audi Q6
Dec 16, 13
Audi confirms plans for 11 all-new models
Audi CEO Rupert Stadler has confirmed plans to introduce 11 all-new models.
Oct 22, 13
Audi gives up, will build an upscale Volkswagen Up! - report
According to a recent report, Audi is aiming to sell 2.4 million vehicles annually by 2020. Part of this plan reportedly involves selling a model based on the Volkswagen up!
Mar 13, 13
Audi confirms Q lineup expansion, three new models on the way
Audi CEO Rupert Stadler confirmed yesterday the Ingolstadt-based company will expand its Q lineup in the following years, without saying anything about the name of the cars.
Feb 20, 13
Audi plans to double SUV lineup by 2020 to close gap behind BMW - report
Audi plans an SUV assault which will lead to twice as many models as today by 2020.
Nov 23, 12
Audi considers Q2, Q4, Q6, Q8, next-gen Q7 to lose 350 kg
Audi is planning to assault the crossover/SUV market with Q2, Q4, Q6 and Q8. Next-gen Q7 to be 350 kg lighter.
May 11, 12
Audi files trademarks for Q6, Q8, R6, S2, S9, RS8 & RS1 - report
According to a brief report by Dutch site telegraaf, Audi has filed patents for a vast range of new models that could join their line-up.
Dec 09, 11
Audi confirms BMW X6 competitor, X4 decision still pending
Volkswagen Group design boss, Walter de' Silva, in an interview with Automotive News Europe at the Bologna motor show, confirmed Audi has signed off on a BMW X6 competitor, possibly named Q6.
Sep 26, 11
Audi Q4, Q6 and Q7 redesign get speculated
New details are starting to emerge about the upcoming Audi Q4, Q6 and Q7. Full coverage inside
Aug 17, 11
Audi Q6 chassis test-mule spied for first time
All-new Q6 being developed based on the Audi Q5 which we see here with an extended body shell and wheelbase.
Aug 10, 11
Audi's future crossover lineup gets speculated
According to a recent report, Audi will introduce the redesigned Q7 in early 2014. Details inside
Jun 16, 11
Audi goes crossover crazy - Q1, Q4 & Q6 rumored
According to a recent report, Audi is considering three additional crossovers to augment the Q3, Q5 and Q7.
Mar 18, 11
More details on possible Audi A9 model
Audi A9 could make it to market by 2014 as both a flagship 2-door coupe and cabriolet.
Mar 18, 11
Audi Q6 under development - report
With the BMW X6 proving to be a resounding sales success, Audi is reportedly developing a Q6 crossover.