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Dec 16, 13
Audi confirms plans for 11 all-new models
Audi CEO Rupert Stadler has confirmed plans to introduce 11 all-new models.
Mar 13, 13
Audi confirms Q lineup expansion, three new models on the way
Audi CEO Rupert Stadler confirmed yesterday the Ingolstadt-based company will expand its Q lineup in the following years, without saying anything about the name of the cars.
Feb 20, 13
Audi plans to double SUV lineup by 2020 to close gap behind BMW - report
Audi plans an SUV assault which will lead to twice as many models as today by 2020.
Nov 23, 12
Audi considers Q2, Q4, Q6, Q8, next-gen Q7 to lose 350 kg
Audi is planning to assault the crossover/SUV market with Q2, Q4, Q6 and Q8. Next-gen Q7 to be 350 kg lighter.
Sep 26, 12
Audi Q2 Crosslane Coupe to debut in Paris
The Audi Q2 Crosslane Coupe is scheduled to make its public appearance this week at the Paris Motor Show.
Sep 25, 12
Audi Q2 concept comes into focus ahead of possible Paris debut
New details are starting to emerge about the Audi Q2 concept, ahead of a possible unveiling at the Paris Motor Show.
Jun 13, 12
Audi Q2 concept coming to Paris Motor Show - report
Audi's quest for crossover domination is coming into focus as new details are starting to emerge about the Q2.
May 04, 12
Audi Q2 speculation gathers pace
According to reports, Audi are planning on extending their SUV line-up with the new Q2 that will become the fourth model of the brand's SUV line-up.