audi diesel-electric supercar

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Sep 29, 14
Audi R10 reportedly approved for production, could feature up to 1000 PS
We haven't heard much about Audi's Le Mans-inspired supercar lately but a new report is indicating it has been approved for production.
Jan 15, 14
Audi Le Mans-inspired supercar on hold as it's not a priority - report
The future of Audi's Le Mans-inspired supercar is doubt as the company's head of technical development has downplayed the project.
Jun 24, 13
Audi diesel-electric supercar axed - report
According to a recent report, Audi has axed their diesel-electric supercar to focus on the Sport Quattro concept.
May 02, 13
Audi supercar to be 'very special', not approved yet
Audi technical boss Wolfgang Dürheimer says the new supercar "must be something very special and something that bears testament to our victories at Le Mans."
Apr 10, 13
Audi diesel-electric supercar codenamed Scorpion - report
Audi's diesel-electric supercar is reportedly being developed under the Scorpion codename.
Mar 07, 13
Audi LeMans-inspired supercar still being considered
Audi's Board Member of Technical Development Wolfgang Durheimer says a diesel-electric hybrid supercar program is "still alive".
Dec 21, 12
2016 Audi R20 to be a street-legal LeMans car - report
According to a recent report, Audi's diesel-electric supercar will be a street-legal LeMans car with a small single-frame grille, vertical LED headlights and an adjustable rear wing.
Dec 11, 12
Audi says their proposed diesel-electric supercar would be the world's best
In a recent interview, quattro GmbH Managing Director Franciscus Van Meel said Audi's proposed diesel-electric supercar would be better than the upcoming McLaren P1.