Theophilus Chin

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Mar 22, 15
Next generation Opel Astra Sports Tourer speculatively rendered
The next generation Opel Astra Sports Tourer has been digitally imagined by Theophilus Chin.
Mar 21, 15
Skoda Superb Convertible rendered as a classic Felicia successor
Theophilus Chin has created a virtual successor for the classic Skoda Felicia convertible model, based on the recently introduced Superb
Mar 17, 15
Aston Martin DBX Shooting Brake rendered
Theophilus Chin decided to transform the Aston Martin DBX into a shooting brake.
Mar 16, 15
Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 concept rendered into a shooting brake
Theophilus Chin decided to turn Bentley's EXP 10 Speed 6 concept into a sleek shooting brake.
Mar 06, 15
Volvo S80 rendered as a future flagship model
Theophilus Chin has virtually envisioned the future Volvo S80 sedan that will sit on the top of the company’s lineup
Feb 23, 15
Volkswagen Passat Alltrack sedan rendered
Theophilus Chin has digitally imagined the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack in the sedan guise.
Feb 02, 15
Ford Mustang hatchback render is an attempt for a shooting brake conversion
Theophilus Chin attempted to turn the Ford Mustang into a shooting brake but he describes the end result as being a hatchback.
Jan 31, 15
Infiniti Q60 Eau Rouge digitally imagined
One of our favorite independent car designers, Theophilus Chin, has envisioned the Infiniti Q60 Eau Rouge.
Jan 25, 15
Audi Q6 rendered as BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe rival
Theophilus Chin has created a virtual competitor for the BMW X6 and the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, called the Audi Q6
Jan 23, 15
Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster render has a lot of production potential
The Mercedes-AMG GT has been rendered into a roadster by Theophilus Chin. Decision about production still pending.
Jan 21, 15
Jaguar XD rendered as a BMW 1-Series rival
One of our favorite independent artists has created a couple of renders for a hypothetical Jaguar XD compact hatchback.
Jan 14, 15
Next generation Audi A6 rendered with Prologue concept influences
The next generation Audi A6 has been digitally envisioned by Theophilus Chin with styling influences from the Prologue concept.
Jan 11, 15
Hyundai i20 CW rendered, could actually happen
The second generation Hyundai i20 has been rendered into a wagon by Theophilus Chin.
Jan 09, 15
Chrysler 300 Utility Coupe rendered just for fun
The 2015 Chrysler 300 has morphed into an "utility coupe" thanks to talented artist Theophilus Chin.
Jan 06, 15
Audi R8 rendered based on the Nanuk concept
The next generation Audi R8 has been virtually envisioned once again ahead of expected debut this year
Jan 04, 15
Abarth Roadster rendering previews a Mazda MX-5-based roadster for some markets
Theophilus Chin has created a virtual roadster, based on the Mazda MX-5 that could be sold in some markets with Italian badge
Jan 02, 15
Next-gen Mitsubishi Lancer rendered with revolutionary design
The current Mitsubishi Lancer is set to be replaced by a new model soon and Theophilus Chin has virtually envisioned the successor
Dec 31, 14
2016 Lexus RX render shows possible design
The upcoming 2016 Lexus RX has been rendered ahead of an already confirmed world debut next month at NAIAS in Detroit.
Dec 30, 14
Mazda6 facelift receives the MPS treatment via render
The recently facelifted Mazda6 has been envisioned by Theophilus Chin as a more appealing MPS model.
Dec 24, 14
2016 Renault Megane rendered with Eolab concept influences
Theophilus Chin is back with a new render for the next generation Renault Megane scheduled to come out in 2016.
Dec 19, 14
Audi TT Avant concept render should happen
The third generation Audi TT has been digitally imagined as a more practical Avant model by Theophilus Chin.
Dec 07, 14
Ford Mondeo imagined as an ST range-topping model
The Ford Mondeo has been digitally envisioned with an ST sports treatment once again
Nov 17, 14
Mercedes-Benz SLK Coupe renders show great potential for Porsche Cayman rival
Theophilus Chin is back with a couple of renders showing a hypothetical coupe conversion for the Mercedes-Benz SLK.
Oct 26, 14
Volkswagen Passat Pickup and Fiat 500X Coupe digitally imagined
X-Tomi Design and Theophilus Chin are back with fresh digital interpretations based on two new products, the Volkswagen Passat and the Fiat 500X Coupe.
Oct 21, 14
Porsche Cayvan render is an improbable Cayman Shooting Brake
The Porsche Cayman has been transformed into a shooting brake by Theophilus Chin who used the "Cayvan" moniker for his latest work.
Oct 19, 14
Chrysler 200 Coupe render shows great potential
After rendering the 2015 Chrysler 200 as a convertible, Theophilus Chin is back with a digital interpretation of a 200 coupe.
Sep 21, 14
2016 Chevrolet Camaro renders show how it might look
Theophilus Chin has digitally interpreted the next generation Chevrolet Camaro scheduled to go on sale in 2016.
Sep 17, 14
2016 Mazda MX-5 Coupe render has a lot of potential
The recently introduced 2016 Mazda MX-5 has been envisioned as a coupe by Theophilus Chin.
Sep 15, 14
10 Kia models envisioned with BMW's kidney grille
Theophilus Chin has imagined 10 models of Kia with the famous kidney grille of BMW
Sep 10, 14
Aston Martin Lagonda Shooting Brake digitally imagined
The 2014 Aston Martin Lagonda has been rendered by Theophilus Chin in the appealing Shooting Brake body style.