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Oct 03, 13
Onyx Concept introduces their Bentley GTX
Onyx Concept has introduced their new Bentley GTX. It features a widebody kit and an upgraded twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine.
May 30, 13
Peugeot Onyx concept headed to Goodwood, one lucky fan can ride shotgun
Peugeot has announced plans to offer one lucky person a once-in-a-lifetime chance to ride shotgun in the Onyx concept.
Dec 19, 12
Porsche Panamera Onyx Concept GST revealed in the metal
Looking bold and aggressive, the Stage One variant has modified bumpers, revised side skirts and extended wheel arches.
Nov 21, 12
Onyx Concept introduces the Porsche Cayenne OTS Edition
Onyx Concept has introduced their Porsche Cayenne OTS Edition. It features an aggressive body kit with new bumpers, revised side skirts and extended wheel arches.
Nov 19, 12
Onyx Concept announces the Porsche Panamera Onyx GST
Onyx Concept has announced plans to offer a Porsche Panamera Onyx GST Edition. It features an aggressive body kit, an upgraded interior and increased performance.
Sep 27, 12
Peugeot Onyx Concept unveiled in Paris
Peugeot's spectacular Onyx concept is one of the most interesting cars of the 2012 Paris Motor Show.
Sep 21, 12
Peugeot Onyx Concept Scooter to debut in Paris
Peugeot plans on bringing the Onyx supercar and scooter concepts next week at the Paris Motor Show.
Sep 12, 12
Peugeot Onyx concept gets official
The Peugeot Onyx has been leaked and teased, but the French automaker has just released the first official details about the upcoming concept.
Sep 11, 12
Peugeot Onyx concept leaked
Looking like a French Lexus LFA, the Onyx has a two-tone exterior with a slender grille, LED lights and a distinctly shaped rear-end.
Sep 10, 12
Peugeot Onyx concept teased for Paris debut [video]
Peugeot has released the first teaser video of the Onyx concept, ahead of its debut at the Paris Motor Show.
Jun 20, 12
Onyx Concept shows Rogue Edition based on Range Rover Evoque
Bentley and Range Rover specialist tuner Onyx Concept has released finalized images for their tuning package for the Range Rover Evoque named the Rogue Edition.
Feb 22, 12
Onyx Concept Evoque Rouge Edition
Land Rover, Bentley and BMW specialist tuner Onyx Concept has sent us these preview renderings of the Evoque Rouge Edition.
Apr 27, 11
ONYX revises Bentley Continental GTO package
Tuner has a new aerodynamic kit for the Bentley Continental GT and is promising a power boost up to 660 HP.
Sep 01, 10
Onyx Concept BMW M3 E92
Onyx Concept has unveiled a new styling and performance package for the BMW M3 (E92/E93). It features modified bumpers, revised side skirts, and several carbon fiber components.
May 12, 10
ONYX Concept takes 2010 Range Rovers to 635hp with new Platinum S and V packages
Find out more about the new Onyx Concept packages for the 2010 Range Rover. Details inside.
Feb 08, 10
ONYX Bentley Continental Platinium GTO Package
A new kit from Onyx Concept greatly changes the look of the Bentley Continental GT... but is it for the better? Find out inside.
Nov 09, 09
Onyx Concept Enhances Range Rover Sport
Onyx Concept, formerly Concept802, has released renderings and details of their new Platinum V package for the Range Rover.
Mar 17, 09
Concept802 Range Rover Sport Platinum S Wide Body Kit New Images
The wide-arch kit for the Range Rover Sport includes 3-piece forged alloy V2 wheels in a "deep dish" design, new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, front grille and rear diffuser with Concept802-des...
Feb 16, 09
Range Rover Sport Platinum S Wide Body Kit by Concept802
A new styling company called Concept802 from the UK is presenting a styling kit for the Range Rover Sport. It's the first of a few jobs that Concept802 will complete in future on luxury cars.