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Nov 30, 12
2013 9ff-GT9 Vmax with 1,400 HP heading to Essen Motor Show [video]
9ff has updated its GT9 with this new Vmax version that can hit a top speed of 271.54 mph (437 km/h).
Dec 26, 11
9ff shows off GT9 Club Sport version made for the track [video]
At this past Essen motor show, specialty Porsche tuner 9ff revealed the GT9-CS (club sports). As the name implies, the GT9-CS is intended for the track.
Dec 11, 09
9ff GT9-R Details and Photos Finally Released
We have the full scoop on the 9ff GT9-R, the first details released in a year. Is it the new fastest production car? Details inside.
Aug 26, 09
9ff to offer GT9R as a Convertible
The first sketch of the 9ff GT9-R convertible appears, and you might be able to buy it... in Dubai.
Nov 14, 08
First Image of 1120hp 9ff GT9-R hits the Web
No further details have been released yet, but with the Essen Tuning Show coming up at the end of the month, a betting man may have a flutter at more juicy details surfacing around the said time.
Jul 14, 08
9ff GT9 Details and Pricing Released
Regardless, after a couple years of GT9 coverage, 9ff has finally revealed all of the sumptuous technical details, production and pricing of its 400 km/h projectile.
May 09, 08
9FF GT9 Hits 409KM/H
We have known for a long time that the 9ff engineers intended for their GT9 to take the world record for the fastest production car in the world, now the German tuners are claiming they have achieved ...