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Dec 03, 14
Acura announced an NSX successor nearly 9.5 years ago
A lot of people have criticized the Acura NSX's long gestation period but the wait has been even longer than most people realize.
Oct 07, 14
Acura NSX to be priced competitively with the Audi R8
We haven't heard much about the Acura NSX since a prototype burst into flames at the Nürburgring but the model's head of development has revealed some new details about the upcoming sports car.
Jul 24, 14
Acura NSX prototype bursts into flames at the Nürburgring
An Acura NSX prototype has caught on fire at the Nürburgring. It is a complete loss.
Mar 19, 14
Honda NSX prototype to tackle the Goodwood hill climb
The Goodwood Festival of Speed is three months away but that hasn't stopped Honda from announcing plans to tackle the hill climb with an NSX prototype.
Dec 06, 13
Acura finally launches the NSX... in Gran Turismo 6
Acura has finally launched the highly-anticipated NSX, albeit in concept form and in Gran Turismo 6.
Nov 19, 13
2015 Acura NSX to use a twin-turbo V6 - report
Honda has unveiled a mock-up of the Acura NSX's powertrain at a special event in Japan.
Aug 05, 13
2015 Acura NSX prototype in action at Mid-Ohio [video]
Following an announcement made several days ago, the Acura NSX has made its public running debut last weekend at Mid-Ohio in Lexington.
Jul 29, 13
2015 Acura NSX prototype hits the track [video]
The Acura NSX is inching closer to production as the company has released a Vine of the model undergoing testing.
Jul 25, 13
2015 Acura NSX prototype teased, will be shown on August 4th
Acura has released the first picture of a NSX prototype undergoing testing. It will be shown at the Mid-Ohio Indy 200 on August 4th.
May 14, 13
Acura NSX inches closer to production, company announces a new Performance Manufacturing Center
Audi famously called the Acura NSX "vaporware," but that could soon be changing as the Japanese automaker has finally confirmed the model will be built at a new $70 (€53.9) million Performance Manufac...
Apr 18, 13
2015 Honda NSX goes up for order in the UK
Honda has begun accepting pre-orders for the 2015 NSX in the United Kingdom.
Jan 15, 13
Acura NSX production version leaked ?
Two photos of a possible production version of the Acura NSX have surfaced the Internet.
Dec 14, 12
2015 Acura NSX to cost more than a Nissan GT-R
Honda spokesman has released some details about the upcoming NSX. It will be pricier than a 2013 GT-R.