2014 rs6 avant

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Aug 08, 13
Audi RS6 Avant ad evokes the spirit of the R18 e-tron quattro [video]
When Audi introduced the RS6 Avant, we described it as a "super car that thinks it's a wagon." Audi seems to have higher ambitions as their latest ad compares it to the Le Mans winning R18 e-tron quat...
Apr 11, 13
2014 Audi RS6 Avant hitting Australia this November from about 230,000 AUD
Audi has announced the 2014 RS6 Avant will be sold in Australia starting this November at an estimated price of 230,000 AUD.
Mar 06, 13
2014 Audi RS6 Avant shines in Geneva
The world premiere of the 2014 Audi RS6 Avant has occurred yesterday at the dawn of the Geneva Motor Show.
Dec 12, 12
2014 Audi RS6 Avant trailer released [video]
Audi has released a video trailer for its recently announced 2014 RS6 Avant.
Dec 07, 12
Audi RS6 Sedan digitally imagined
Artist Theophilus Chin is showing us a possible look of the RS6 Sedan if Audi will decide to launch such a version.
Dec 06, 12
2014 Audi RS6 Avant not coming to U.S., new photos available
Audi will not offer the recently introduced 2014 RS6 Avant in the United States.
Dec 04, 12
2014 Audi RS6 Avant officially unveiled
Hot on the heels of this afternoon's leak, Audi has officially unveiled the 2014 RS6 Avant. It's essentially a super car disguised as a wagon.